40 Fall Decor Ideas for the Bathroom

As the leaves start to change colors and a chill enters the air, it’s time to transition your bathroom decor from summer to fall. Warm up your bathroom space and get into the cozy autumn spirit with some inexpensive seasonal decorating ideas. From pumpkin-scented candles and berries in a vase to festive shower curtains and towels.

There are countless small touches you can add to any bathroom to evoke the feeling of fall. In this article, we have compiled 40 easy fall decorating ideas for your bathroom that will have it feeling crisp, bright and inviting all season long. Some ideas you’ll find include using foliage arrangements.

Autumn Ambiance in the Bathroom

Rustic bathroom decorated for fall with wooden furniture and foliage.

Get into the fall spirit with this rustic bathroom look featuring touches of the season. Natural wood adds warmth throughout with the wooden cabinet, rack and sign. A decorative vase holds foliage bringing outdoor charm in. Subtle accents like a ‘Happy Birthday’ wooden sign and leaf-shaped soap add seasonal cheer.

Natural Bliss Bathroom Decor

Autumnal bathroom featuring natural materials and wooden elements.

This charming bathroom exudes tranquility and warmth perfect for fall. A sizable wreath hanging on the mirror adds seasonal pop with leaves and pumpkins. Another sizable wreath complements on the wood countertop. Wooden accents like the cabinet, sign, tray and shower curtain introduce coziness.

Naturally Warm Bathroom Oasis

Rustic bathroom featuring natural wreath and wooden accents.

A cozy ambiance is crafted in this bathroom sanctuary with earthy materials that evoke Fall’s charm. Leaves and pampas grass in a sizeable wreath hung on the mirror bring the outdoors in. Touches of wood like the open cabinet and rack introduce texture and richness. Pops of orange from towels and a pumpkin complement the taupe rug beneath.

Rustic Haven Bathroom Decor

Autumn bathroom decor featuring wreath, wooden elements and burning candle.

Natural elements come together to form a cozy oasis in this bath space. A sizeable autumnal wreath hangs on the mirrored cabinets, its foliage and pumpkins bringing the feel of the season indoors. Warm wooden accents like the cabinet and rack lend rich texture against fair hued walls.

Whimsical Fall Bathroom Oasis

Decorated bathroom featuring colorful curtain and fall wreath.

A playful mood is set in this charming bathroom perfect for cozy autumn nights. The bold floral curtain provides privacy and pattern. Warm accents like a wood grain cabinet and mirror frame the space. A sizable wreath donning the mirror adds seasonal pop with hints of berry red and orange foliage.

A Warm Fall Refuge

Decorated bathroom featuring wooden shelves, woven basket and candles

Nestled coziness awaits in this fall-inspired bathroom sanctuary. The mirror is framed by a rustic wooden ledge holding a trio of candles, their flickering glow reflecting off the glass. A woven basket by the tub holds rolled towels, its textures echoed on the rug below. A wooden rack and open shelves lend richness against fair walls. 

A Center of Autumn Peace

Bathroom filled with woven basket, florals and wood accents

Wrapped in a tranquil haven, this bathroom invites unwinding amid fall’s charm. Warm wood from cabinetry and rack frames the space dressed delicately. A woven basket brimmed with nature’s soft textures rests between marble. Earthy florals grace curtains veiling glass doors shielding rejuvenation.

An Autumnal Haven

Wreath-adorned bathroom featuring pumpkin display and candle light.

Warmth and tranquility permeate this space crafted for unwinding amid fall’s charm. Natural textures from a woven basket and rug lend softness underfoot. A savory pumpkin sits center stage amid mums, their glow reflected in the nearby light. Meanwhile, earthy accents from a wooden sign to a cozy wreath frame the backdrop. 

A Warm Fall Refuge Oasis

Rustic bathroom featuring pumpkin wreath, woven basket and candle light.

Nested coziness awaits in this charming bathroom perfect for relaxing during autumn evenings. Natural accents like the wooden counter and woven basket lend rustic charm. A pumpkin-adorned wreath hanging on the mirror brings hints of the new season indoors. 

A Bounty of Autumn Charm

Decorated bathroom featuring fall wreath and harvest produce display.

Within this rustic retreat, all the comforts of the season await. Natural accents from a woven basket to the wood-top vanity invite relaxation. Atop sits an array of produce bringing the bounty of farms indoors. Their forms and hues complement a feathered wreath gracing nearby cabinetry. 

A Harvest Haven

Autumn bathroom featuring pumpkin candle, woven basket and patterned walls.

Warmth envelops this tranquil oasis dressed in fall’s rustic charm. A sizable pumpkin candle sits proudly upon faded wood, its glow matched by flickers dancing in the mirror. Nearby, woven textures offer softness along cabinetry. Earthy accents from a sign to wallpaper weave nature inside the bathroom sanctuary.

Autumn Ambiance

Woven basket, wooden walls in fall bathroom.

This bathroom exudes warmth perfectly capturing the season’s spirit. Natural accents like the wood counter and rack add richness to the fair walls. A seasonal wreath hung above the sink brings the outdoors inside with its tones. Other subtle textures like plush towels and bottles for daily rituals complete the inviting space.

A Harvest Haven Oasis

Rustic bathroom decorated with woven basket and wreath of fruit.

Description: Within this charming space, all the comforts of fall await. Warm woods and natural details like the woven basket lend rustic charm. An apple-filled wreath graces the mirror, bringing the harvest indoors. Earthy accents from a sign to patterned walls embrace changing seasons. 

A Sanctuary of Autumn Warmth

Rustic bathroom featuring autumn wreath, wood cabinet and woven basket.

Within this cozy nook, all the comforts of the season await. Natural woods from the cabinet and rack lend rustic charm against pale walls. A welcoming wreath upon the mirror brings hints of falling leaves. Woven textures and natural soaps add tranquil softness for each use.

A Fall Sanctuary of Wood and Weave

Rustic bathroom decorated with wreath, woven elements and wood cabinet.

Description: Nestled warmth invites in this charming space embracing autumn’s spirit. Natural materials like the wood cabinet and rack frame the backdrop. Intertwined with them, a woven basket and soft towels provide textural contrast. A bountiful wreath graces the mirror, leaves sharing nature’s colors indoors. 

An Autumnal Haven of Warmth

Cozy bathroom with fall wreath, wood accents and woven basket.

Within this inviting space, nature’s quiet charm awaits. Weathered woods like the cabinet and racks lend rustic tranquility against pale walls. A welcoming wreath upon the mirror shares falling leaves’ tones inside. Woven textures and flickering scenes offer repose between errands as the season deepens.

An Autumn Sanctuary of Comfort

Bathroom featuring woven basket, rustic cabinets and fall wreath decor.

Warmth and tranquility embrace this cozy space dressed for fall unwinding. Natural textures from a woven basket and wooden racks infuse richness. Ample foliage graces the mirror, lending a taste of nature’s fading hues. Gentle flickers and inviting fixtures ensure restoration during cooler evenings spent within.

An Autumnal Haven of Comfort

Within this rustic retreat, warmth and charm embrace those seeking rest. Natural elements like the woven basket and wooden rack lend richness. Earthy accents including a candle and foliage bring seasonal spirit inside. Textural surfaces from plush towels to a cozy rug invite unwinding from cooler days.

An Autumn Hideaway

Fall bathroom decorated with wooden cabinet, woven basket and foliage.

Within this rustic nook, warmth and charm await those seeking refuge from cooler days. Natural textures from faded wood and woven materials infuse relaxing atmosphere. A seasonal wreath upon the mirror brings nature’s hues inside. Soft items like plush towels invite unwinding.

An Autumn Haven of Rustic Charm

Cozy bathroom with woven basket, wood rack and seasonal wreath decor

Within this inviting space, warmth and tranquility await among fall’s textures. Earthy woods and woven details infuse richness to the atmosphere. Subtle accents including an autumnal wreath and basket bring nature indoors. This retreat is perfect for enjoying a respite as seasons change outside.

Banana Leaf Bathroom Makeover

Pink retro bathroom with green leaf wallpaper

This bathroom has old-style pink tiles and sinks with a new tropical look. The walls are covered in big green banana leaf wallpaper. It makes the room feel like a jungle. The sink area is long with two sinks and white cabinets. The tiles are pink with dark red edges.

Vintage Charm Bathroom Update

Retro bathroom with black and white tiles and floral curtains

This bathroom shows off an old-fashioned style with some modern touches. The walls are mostly white tiles with a black border near the top. The floor has a cool pattern with black and white tiles. There’s a curved shower area with a flowery curtain that matches the window curtain. The sink and toilet are white. 

Retro Swimmer Bathroom Design

Vintage bathroom with blue tile swimmer mural above tub

This bathroom has a fun old-time look with colorful tiles. The main eye-catcher is a big blue tile picture of a swimmer in the tub area. It’s framed by a black tile arch. The walls have green, blue, and light yellow tiles in different patterns. There’s a white sink and toilet. The room feels bright and playful. It looks like a bathroom from many years ago but in good shape.

Floral Elegance Bathroom Vanity

Elegant bathroom vanity with floral wallpaper and marble countertop

This bathroom has a pretty and soft look. The walls have flowery wallpaper with light green leaves and gray flowers. There’s a white sink cabinet with a marble top. Above it hangs a big mirror with a light frame. A gold lamp with a white shade is on the wall. The faucet is shiny and silver. On the counter, there’s a vase with pink flowers.

Luxe Modern Powder Room Design

 Modern bathroom with artistic sink and metallic accent wall

This bathroom has a fancy and modern look. The walls are a soft brown color with a special shiny part in the middle that looks like it’s torn open. There’s a very cool sink that sits on top of a stand that looks like a piece of art. The floor is dark and shiny, maybe made of special stone. There’s a black toilet on one side. 

Elegant Stone Bathroom Oasis

Luxurious bathroom with stone walls and hanging lights

This bathroom looks very fancy and modern. The walls and floor are made of dark stone with light lines in it. There are two white oval sinks on a light stone counter. Above the sinks, there’s a big mirror and lots of pretty hanging lights that look like water drops. These lights make the room feel special.

Serene Beige Bathroom Retreat

Modern minimalist bathroom with beige tones and glass shower

This bathroom has a calm and clean look. The walls and floor are light beige with soft lines. There’s a big mirror and a long counter with a round sink on top. Next to the sink, there are shelves with soft lights that make the room glow nicely. A glass wall shows part of a shower or tub. Under the counter, there are wood shelves with towels.

Marble Luxury Bathroom Suite

Luxurious marble bathroom with dual vanity and gold accents

This bathroom looks very fancy and modern. The walls and floor are made of white marble with gray lines. There are two round mirrors with gold edges above a dark marble counter. The counter has two white sinks on top. Under the counter, there are wood drawers for storage. The wall behind the mirrors has thin gold lines that make it look special. 

Cozy Botanical Bathroom Retreat

Bathroom with white walls wooden accents and many plants

This bathroom has a warm and natural feel. The walls are white with wooden floors. There’s a white sink on a wood counter. A striped shower curtain hangs in the back. The room is full of plants in pots and hanging from shelves. There’s a round woven rug on the floor. Wooden ladders and shelves hold towels and bathroom items. 

Sunlit Garden Oasis Bathroom

Sunny bathroom with white tub plants and large window

This bathroom looks like a peaceful garden room. It has white tile walls and a big window that lets in lots of sunlight. The main feature is a white bathtub in the middle of the room. Around the tub and on the windowsill are many green plants in pots. There’s a colorful rug on the wooden floor.

Bohemian Jungle Bathroom Retreat

Sunlit bathroom with many plants white tub and woven rug

This bathroom looks like a sunny plant-filled room. It has big windows that let in lots of light. The floor is white tiles and there’s a round woven rug in the middle. There’s a white bathtub in one corner. The room is full of plants in pots and hanging from the walls. There’s a big brown lamp hanging from the ceiling.

Coastal Chic Bathroom Oasis

 White bathroom with woven lamp plants and striped curtain

This bathroom has a bright and airy beach-inspired look. The walls are white with a thin line of dark tiles for decoration. There’s a big woven lamp hanging from the ceiling that looks like a basket. The shower curtain has light brown and white stripes. The sink is white and sits on a white cabinet. 

Tropical Outdoor Shower Sanctuary

 Natural bathroom with stone walls plants and outdoor shower

This bathroom looks like a peaceful outdoor retreat. The walls are rough and tan-colored, giving a natural feel. There’s a wooden ceiling with beams. The floor is made of stone or pebbles. The room has an open shower area with a round showerhead. A small window lets in lots of green light from plants outside. 

Warm Fall Bathroom Makeover

Bathroom with woven lamp and fall decor

This bathroom shows off a cozy autumn look. It has a big round mirror and a pretty light made of woven bamboo. The sink area is white with wooden handles. There’s a tall shelf made of wood holding towels and baskets. The walls look like marble and are light in color. You can see dried plants in a vase which makes it feel like fall.

Dark Asian Inspired Luxury Bathroom

Luxurious dark bathroom with Asian-inspired decor and ornate bathtub

This bathroom has a rich and dark look with Asian style. The walls are dark with red flower designs. There’s a big window with a tree pattern that lets in soft light. A fancy metal bathtub sits in front of the window. The room has fancy wood designs on the walls and ceiling. Lights on the walls give a warm glow.

Oriental Zen Bathroom Retreat

Dark Asian-style bathroom with painted walls and large bathtub

This bathroom has a strong Asian style. The walls have pretty paintings of cherry blossoms and birds. There’s a big bathtub in the middle of the room. The room is dark with warm lights that make it feel cozy. You can see wooden screens with fancy designs. The floor looks shiny and dark. 

Elegant Chinese Inspired Powder Room

Dark luxurious bathroom with Chinese-inspired decor and ornate details

This small bathroom looks very fancy with a Chinese style. The walls are dark with pretty flower designs. There’s a big red light hanging from the ceiling. The door has a nice pattern and red flowers painted on it. There are two sinks that look old-fashioned. The room has lots of dark wood and shiny parts.

Dramatic Gothic Meets Asian Bathroom

Luxurious dark bathroom with Asian-inspired wall art and black marble bathtub

This bathroom looks very fancy and old-fashioned. It has a big black bathtub in the middle. The walls have pretty pictures of trees and birds that look like old Chinese art. There’s a fancy crystal light hanging from the ceiling. The room is mostly dark with light colors in the art. The floor has a pattern of black and white squares.

Dark Cherry Blossom Bathroom

Dark Gothic-style bathroom with red cherry blossom wall art and ornate fixtures

This bathroom has a spooky but pretty look. The walls are dark red with pictures of trees with white flowers, like cherry blossoms. There’s a big black mirror with fancy edges. The sink is on a black stone counter. The lights look old and give off a soft glow. The room feels mysterious and a bit scary, but also beautiful. It mixes Asian art with a Gothic style to create a unique and dramatic bathroom.

Vintage-Inspired Bathroom Oasis

Luxe bohemian bathroom with freestanding tub

This bathroom embodies a cozy autumn retreat with its eclectic mix of vintage and modern elements. The focal point is a sleek freestanding bathtub, complemented by a plaid shower curtain that adds a touch of fall warmth. The walls feature striking floral wallpaper in rich, autumnal hues, creating a dramatic backdrop.


These bathroom designs show many ways to bring fall feelings into your bathroom. From dark and fancy Asian-inspired rooms to cozy spaces with warm colors, there’s something for every taste. The ideas use things like warm lighting, nature-inspired art, and rich colors to make bathrooms feel special for autumn.

Whether you like a dramatic look or a simple, warm style, these bathrooms prove that any space can be changed for the season. With just a few touches, you can turn your bathroom into a cozy fall retreat.

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