Gardening can’t just be taken as a hobby, albeit surely it is among the best ones. There are many other important aspects to start a garden right from this very day. The most important one and which is now becoming a major global concern is the world’s food security and food shortage crisis that is looming over our heads in the wake of COVID-19 pandemic. Other reasons include health benefits (physical and mental), clean environment, waste management, clean food supply, save money, nutritious and delicious food, good use of your free time, family bonding and much more that you would start experiencing as soon as you put yourself into this amazing activity.

Vegetable bought from the market is in no way compared with the one grown in your home garden. It is more nutritional, more organic, less toxic, freshly picked, and healthier to be consumed.

Here are a few reasons for you to depend, largely if not completely, on your home garden.

1.        Surviving possible COVID-19 pandemic food crises.

The year 2020 came with the global pandemic which effected every inch on the globe, shacking the world’s economy and triggering many fears and concerns over health systems but alongside it is also putting our world into a situation where food supply and demand could become the most concerning factor.

We have already seen empty food racks in grocery stores because of people being fearful of not having enough food storage and supplies at home. Rather they stormed the grocery stores and took whatever they can to store for the worst coming days. This eventually could result in a global food shortage. Considering these fears in mind, I don’t think there is any reason you would not want to start your garden without any delay.

 This reason might prove for you to be a bit scary, but don’t worry all the below reasons will make you fall in love with gardening.

2.        Health benefits:

Consuming fresh fruits and vegetables keeps you healthier. Homegrown food is nutrient-dense as compared to that bought from conventional market places. Its taste is much better and it is much consumed even by the children. Freshly picked vegetables have the highest vitamin contents in them. As these are homegrown hence less toxic because no chemicals have been used for their production. This also helps in preventing food and stomach related infections and diseases.

3.        Physical Exercise:

As gardening is a physical activity it keeps your body physically active and this maintains your muscular utility, avoids aches and pains. If you are in your garden and working under the sun it will help you with few benefits.

Firstly, an hour of gardening will burn a good amount of calories in your body. Secondly, vitamin D produced from the sunlight will prove beneficial to your health. Thirdly, it will promote positive energy and better sleep. Fourthly, working in the fresh air and green surroundings is way better than sitting on a couch and watching television.

4.        Money Saver:

A decent amount of money goes to the grocery store when you buy vegetables and fruits which could be saved if you have your home garden. The most interesting fact is that gardening is the most budget-friendly hobby you can ever have. Seeds that you plant for the first time are also very cheap and easily available. Once sowed, you can get a good amount of output.

5.        Waste management:

Normally all of your kitchen and green residue go to waste. That is because you don’t have any use left of them. But think for a while looking around and if you have a little backyard garden you can make the most out of your kitchen disposal. For example, you need compost for good production of your garden. In compost preparation, every green kitchen waste is not a waste for you anymore. Even the eggshells will prove to be a rich potassium source.

6.        Green clean:

We have been listening much for quite a long time about global warming and environmental changes. A major cause for which is cutting down forests and the transformation of green lands into concrete jungles. In the wake of this crisis, even a single plant can make a difference. If every home has a green patch of land inside, this will help a lot in saving this beautiful home and sole habitat of human beings and millions of other species of living things.

7.        Good use of your free time:

You could be lying on your couch watching television, which is not a very healthy and productive use of your free time. Instead, if you spend your free time in planting, caring, watering, feeding, plucking, even sitting in your home garden, it will be much more beneficial regarding your emotional and mental health.

8.        Family bonding:

Gardening can also be a fun family activity. It gives the members of the family enough time to work together, have a good amount of time to chat, sit, and interact with each other. It is also a very productive hobby to pass on to your children. More on, it’s much better for your children to work in the garden than to use an I-phone or a laptop.

9.        Eye Catching backyard:

Garden will add color and life to your home. Greenery appeals to any viewer and if your home is green with flowers, vegetables, and fruit plants, you must have a very unique and attractive house. Any visitor or neighbor would love to spend some time in the fresh and eye-soothing garden of yours.

These reasons might prove to be motivating for you to start your home garden, so get your basic gardening tools and let the fun begin.

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