Growing spinach In 5 Gallon Buckets

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A plant enriched with vitamins and calcium is always a healthy choice to grow in your garden. The spinach plant is one of them. This plant contains vitamins, iron, and calcium in excess amounts.

So if you are looking for this healthy vegetable planting idea in 5-gallon Buckets, then scroll down to get the beneficial ideas and tips to grow Spinach. It not only fulfills your kitchen demands but also provides a greenish makeup to your garden.

a spinach plant growing in a 5-gallon container

About the Spinach plant

Spinacia oleracea is the scientific name for a spinach plant. It’s a flowering green leafy plant. It’s native to central and western Asia. Amaranthaceae is the family name of a spinach plant.

Nutritional benefits of Spinach

Spinach plants not only contain vitamins and iron but also thiamin, folic acid, potassium, and zeaxanthin. This plant provides energy that is nearly equal to 23 to 24 Calories per 100g. It provides 99 mg of calcium per 100 g. For 100 g Spanish you can get 28.2 mg of vitamin C.

According to the information gathered, we came to know that a single cup of raw spinach contains 29.6 mg of calcium, 0.86 g of protein, and 167 mg of potassium.

Hardiness zone for Spinach plant

This plant is usually a cold-season crop. Although it provides proper growth and production during warm temperatures or seasons. According to a survey,  5-10 is the most suited zone for spinach plants.

Indoor planting of spinach

Indoor planting does not require full sunlight. You can plant it anywhere in a bucket either in your kitchen or on the balcony. But place the container, where it will get 4 hours of light in a day.

Outdoor planting of spinach

This green leafy plant requires a suitable soil range if you are planting it outdoors. The optimum soil pH should be from 6 to 7. Fertilizers are also essential during outdoor planting.

Temperature requirement for spinach crop

The Spanish crop requires 50°F to 60°F temperature to grow properly and give better yield under this temperature range. But one thing you should keep in mind is that young seedlings require very low temperatures as compared to mature crops. 

The young seedling can withstand low-temperature ranging from 15°F to 20° F.

Type of spinach plant

Usually, three types of spinach are famous all over the world for gardening and growing purposes.

  • Curly-leafed savoy spinach plant
  • Flat-leafed savoy spinach plant
  • Slightly curly semi-savoy spinach plant.

When to plant spinach 

Planting depends on the zone or region where you are living or going to plant. Growing a spinach crop in cool weather is an ideal option because it’s a cool-season product.

Planting spinach during Summers

A few weeks from early until late spring is the best time for planting this crop while having summer weather.

Planting spinach during winters

Mid-summer to early fall is the optimum weather condition to grow this plant for winter.

Can we grow plant spinach plants in a container?

Yes, a spinach plant can be grown in a container. Planting spinach in a container or pot will give you a healthy fast growing crop that has vast nutritional benefits.

Growing spinach In 5 Gallon Buckets

Growing a plant in a larger container is always a preferable option for a gardener because it will allow the root stem to grow properly without any disorder or disturbance.

For planting spinach take a large pot, a 5-gallon pot or container is the best option to select. A 5-gallon container is a 12-inch pot and it’s deep enough to handle all the roots and soil of almost 8 spinach plants.

A 5-gallon pot should all have a drainage hole because only a well-draining container will help you to produce a perfect crop.

  • Obtain soil that has rich organic matter 
  • Soil should be well drained.
  • You should sow spinach seeds deep enough in the container
  • Under suitable conditions or environments, your seed will germinate within one to two weeks.
  • Don’t forget to add spacing while planting spinach, each plant should be 3 inches apart from the other one.
  • Ontime fertilization of soil is also necessary.

How to sow Spanish seeds?

You can plant Spanish seeds ½ deep in a 5-gallon container soil. In the case of fresh seeds, make sure to plant one seed in a single hole only. It will be more helpful.

How often should you provide water to 5-gallon Buckets?

Water your plant regularly but keep in mind that you are giving water to make your soil moist. Don’t give extra water, wet soil all the time might cause problems. 

During the summer season, Regular watering is of great importance as it will prevent your plant from harsh weather conditions.

Sun Exposure

Spinach plants can grow in sunny as well as in partial shade regions but that depends on the season in which you are planting.

Summer planting needs a partial shady region to grow while winter spinach needs full sun to give a better product.

Fertilizers to add in 5 gallon Buckets

Nitrogenous fertilizers are of great importance for spinach plants. Add fertilizer, compost, or manure to the container soil to enhance the nutrient ability of the soil. 

In the middle of growing time, you can also add Fish emulsion and manure tea. It will also act as organic food for plants and enhance the soil condition.

Harvesting season

As we discussed above, spinach is a fast-growing plant. After 7 to 10 weeks of planting the seed, you can harvest your crop.

We have some famous and common varieties of spinach that will grow vastly in a short span like within 3 weeks or sometimes in less time.

If you plant your spinach seed during summer, then you can farm the crops throughout the year. May to October is the harvesting time if you plant spinach during the summer.

And if you are planting during winter, then wait and harvest your crop any time between October and April.

How to grow spinach throughout the season

If you want a continued yield of spinach, then regrow the plant. Harvest only ⅓ of your plant. The only thing you have to do is water your plant and Keep harvesting the leaves. By doing this you can enjoy this crop throughout the season.

How to protect plants from diseases

Pests usually don’t attack spinach plants so there is no need to worry about that. All you have to do is to keep checking the soil and eliminate every kind of insect that you think will eat your spinach plant leaves.


Is planting spinach hard?

No, planting spinach is easy and takes less time. Proper soil, temperature, and water supply will make it easy to grow.

What is the fastest-growing spinach?

We have a very famous common type of spinach named red cardinal spinach. It will grow vastly in a short span like within 3 weeks or sometimes in less time.

What type of spinach is easiest to grow?

True broadleaf spinach is the best option because it is the easiest type of spinach to grow in your garden.

How tall does spinach grow?

Spinach plants grow approximately from 7 inches to almost 12 inches, Which is an ideal height for a plant to grow in a pot or container.

What are the uses of Spinach?

It’s a widely used vegetable. You can use the leaves of this plant for cooking purposes. Also, it’s green and used as medicine. It is a beneficial vegetable in cases where you have obesity and memory loss issues.

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