How to Make Super Soil for Autoflowers?

Autoflowers also known as autoflowers cannabis is known for their fast flowering and growth. People use super soil to make it grow fast. That’s why we are going to tell you how to make super soil for autoflowers.



Autoflowering or autoflower plants are a type of cannabis plant that automatically switches from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage without the need for a specific light cycle. This means that autoflower plants will start to produce flowers after a set amount of time, usually around 2-4 weeks after germination, regardless of the light cycle they are exposed to.

Autoflowers plants are often preferred by growers because they have a shorter flowering time and can be grown in smaller spaces, making them ideal for indoor growing. They are also more resistant to pests and diseases compared to traditional cannabis plants.

However, there are some drawbacks to growing autoflower plants. Because they have a fixed timeline for flowering, they cannot be vegetated for an extended period of time to produce larger plants. Additionally, they tend to have lower yields compared to traditional cannabis plants.

Overall, autoflower plants can be a good choice for growers who are looking for a quick and easy harvest, but they may not be the best option for those who are looking for maximum yields or more control over the growth process.

Benefits of planting Autoflower plants

There are several benefits to planting autoflower plants some of the main benefits are as follows:

Quick to harvest

Autoflower plants have a much faster growth cycle compared to traditional photoperiod cannabis plants. They typically take only 8-12 weeks from seed to harvest, which is significantly faster than the 12-20 weeks required for photoperiod plants.

Easy to grow

Autoflower plants are generally easier to grow than traditional cannabis plants, especially for beginner growers. They are more forgiving of mistakes such as over or underfeeding and are less susceptible to pests and diseases.

Smaller size

Autoflower plants are typically smaller in size, making them ideal for growers with limited space or for those who want to grow discreetly. They are also suitable for outdoor growing as they can be easily hidden in a garden or grown in a small container.


Autoflower plants are known for their smaller size, which makes them easier to grow discreetly. They can be grown in a closet or a small grow tent without attracting attention, making them a great option for those who live in areas where growing cannabis is not legal.

Multiple harvests

Because of their short growing cycle, growers can plant multiple autoflower plants throughout the year and have multiple harvests in a year. It means more yield and more cannabis.

Overall, autoflower plants are a great option for those who want a quick, easy, and discreet way to grow cannabis. They may not produce the same yields as photoperiod plants, but they offer other benefits that make them an attractive option for many growers.

How to make super soil for autoflowers?

How to Make Super Soil for Autoflowers

Super soil is a nutrient-rich soil that is designed to provide all the nutrients that a plant needs throughout its entire growth cycle, without the need for additional fertilizers or nutrients. Usually, super soil can have a lot of items in it. Here is a recipe for making super soil for autoflowers:

Here are the main ingredients to make the super soil for the autoflowers.

1-part high-quality organic compost

1-part sphagnum peat moss

One-part vermiculite

1-part perlite

1/2-part worm castings

1/2-part bat guano

One and half part bone meal

1/2-part blood meal

1/2-part fish meal

One and Half part kelp meal

1 tablespoon of dolomite lime per gallon of soil

1 tablespoon Epsom salt per gallon of soil

One tablespoon azomite per gallon of soil

Instruction to follow to make the super soil

Begin by combining the compost, sphagnum peat moss, vermiculite, and perlite in a large container. Mix well until all the ingredients are thoroughly blended.

Add the worm castings, bat guano, bone meal, blood meal, fish meal, and kelp meal to the container. Mix well to combine all the ingredients.

Add the dolomite lime, Epsom salt, and azomite to the mixture. These ingredients will help balance the pH and provide additional nutrients.

Mix everything thoroughly until all the ingredients are well combined. Store the super soil in a covered container or bag until ready to use.

When using the super soil for autoflowers, you can plant directly into it without the need for additional nutrients or fertilizers. The soil will provide all the necessary nutrients for your plants to thrive throughout their entire life cycle. However, be sure to monitor the soil pH and adjust it if necessary to ensure optimal nutrient uptake.

In a nutshell, super soil is a very much used and celebrated ingredient of the soil to make it nutritious and best for the plants to be planted. The same goes for autoflower plants. When you will use the super soil, by making it by yourself, you will learn as well as you will get a good yield.


How much time does it take to make super soil?

It doesn’t take much time. You will be able to use your super soil in just 4 to 6 weeks. Actually, it needs to go through the process of cooking as there are many ingredients in it even if you are making a simple super soil.

What kind of soil is best for autoflowers?

Well, the more nutritious and oxygenated the soil, the best it will be for the autoflower plants. You need to add nutrition and also make the air circulation good for the good growth of the plant.

How long does super soil last?

Super soil contains a lot of nutrients, even if you go for the simpler form of super soil. you will see that super soil will keep working even after the plant is replaced for which it was used. It usually works for years if there is no intense planting.

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