How to Plant Dragon’s Blood Sedum

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As a gardener, one always wishes that in his or her garden there should be no inch of bare soil left. It all should be covered with flowers or grass. Then you are in the right spot because the dragon blood sedums are going to solve your dilemma. Now we should learn how to plant dragon’s blood sedum.

Dragon blood sedums

dragon's blood sedum ground cover
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This plant is a longtime favorite of almost all gardeners. It is preferred and loved. Dragon blood forms a mat on the floor, bed, or a container where it is planted. It has tiny star-shaped flowers with bright red color in summers and orange-red color in winters.

It is carefree once it is grown and has been developed. This plant is usually preferred for its adaptivity to both summer and winter weather conditions. It usually has a lot of flowers from where the seed spreads forwards which helps in covering the ground. 

It is a drought-tolerant plant and also it can handle poor and dry soil conditions. Most of the time, gardeners usually use it as a boundary to their Garden. Also, it is used to avoid erosion of the banks and sides of gardens. Its flowers are eye-catching and nicely shaped like stars.

Characteristics of Dragon’s Blood Sedum

Dragon blood sedums are preferred for their star-shaped flowers, their resistance to harsh and dry weather, and their ability to grow and create a mat. When brought to the garden you might want to keep it or confine it in a container or a small bed, but it will grow and cover the areas near it. Surely it is a delight for eyes to watch its red flowers.

This flower grows in USDA hardiness zones from 3 to 10 and generally in all inhabited areas on this planet earth. Blood dragon has one unique quality of cover which makes it good for growing in containers and also for mass plantings.

How tall does dragon’s blood sedum get?

This plant is not among those having heights. It usually grows to the height of only 3 to 5 inches. Dragon blood sedum usually blooms in summers and goes dormant in winters. After winters it grows with extra vigor and covers the ground quickly. It is also preferred because of its dormancy and then growth. Because this keeps you away from the extra effort to sow the seeds again and again.

One interesting fact about the dragon blood sedums is that it was originally grown in Germany. And usually, it is grown to cover the areas between the roads, streets, or on sides and banks of public places to make it look great. Its scientific name is Schorbuser Blut.

Most of the time it is preferred because it forgives the neglect of a person and does not ask for extensive care. Its adaptivity and resistance along with the beauty of its flowers make this plant more and more attractive and desired by gardeners.

How to Grow Dragon’s Blood Sedums

Dragon blood sedum can be grown indoors and outdoors as well. It depends upon your availability of the place to sow and the number of flowers you want to grow.

Growing Dragon’s Blood Sedum Indoor

Before the fall ends, get the small pots or make beds, whatever you want. Keep in mind the pots usually preferred are small. Also, it should be sown almost 7 weeks before the fall ends. The seeds of dragon blood sedums are very small. 

Alongside pots, get the soil mixed with composted organic matter so that nutrients required for the germinations can be achieved. When sowing into the soil don’t press the seeds into the soil. As the seeds are really small just press them gently into the soil. Don’t cover so much.

In regard to soil, keep it moist before the sowing. Use 7 to 10 seeds per container or a pot. Keep the soil moist until the germination of dragon blood sedums begins.

Growing Dragon Blood Sedums Outdoor

To grow the dragon blood sedums outdoors, wait until the temperature outside is almost near 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Select the area where you want to sow the seeds. Make sure that your soil must be well-drained. Add the composted organic mixture with the soil if needed. Make the upper layer of the soil soft.

After setting the soil, search for any weeds there as they will hinder the growth. Make sure to remove them from the areas near your dragon blood sedums. Finally, now you can sow the seeds. Follow the same instructions and don’t cover the seeds of dragon blood sedums. Gently press them and keep them moist until the germination starts. The average germination time is between 15 to 28 days.

These plants also attract bees and butterflies. If you are allergic to any kind of insects like that you have to spray the right insecticide to keep them away from coming to your garden.

Dragon Blood Sedums Care

dragon's blood sedum care
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Dragon blood sedums are known for their vibrant colors. Their leaves, at the start of bloom, are deep green but till fall it turns into deep wine-red color which makes it even more beautiful. Its flowers are stars shaped in pink, orange, and red colors.

How do you take care of dragon’s blood sedum?

During the winters, dragon blood sedums normally lose their leaves and get to dormancy. It grows with more vigor when the level of moisture is maintained enough. Watch for these factors to avoid the complete death of seeds. 

As it is easy to take care of the dragon blood sedums, it is recommended for every gardener with any level of experience. If care is more than normal, it can bloom from the mid-summers till the time of mid-winter.


How often should I water dragon’s blood sedum?

Dragon blood sedums only need moisture to grow healthy. They don’t need much water. So, you have to take care while making plans for watering the plant. There must be plenty of holes at the bottom of the pots for proper drainage and also to make the soil fit for drainage. Don’t water the plant again until it is dry.

When watering goes beyond the recommended level it actually causes the rots in the roots. The root rots are not clearly visible. When it is discovered, the plant usually has gone beyond the stage of being able to be saved.

You can check the moisture with your finger or with any moist meter. In winter as mentioned earlier these plants go dormant. At this time, they need little or no moisture at all. You can start watering them from the start of the spring.


Dragon blood sedums are plants that require light to grow better. It is necessary for them to have the light of the full sun. Most of the time when kept indoors, it may not result in the good development of plants. Because they need light. If it is too hot outside, don’t keep plants outside for a longer period.

More exposure to the sun for indoor plants can cause sunburn. If the climate is too hot, keeping the plant in a place where shade is also available will be good for them. Sunburn is like a cosmetic issue for these plants. These plants can recover from it very easily. But severe sunburn can cause irreversible damage. 


Soil for the dragon blood sedums needs to be porous and well-draining. They are not good with a lot of moisture. Get the soil that is a good mixture of organic composted matter so that there are enough nutrients for the plant.

If you are using the soil commercially available for vegetables and other plants, you need to add some minerals and organic matter to make it more suitable for the dragon blood sedums. Because the soil with good minerals will result in a good germination rate.

Containers or Pots Selection

Again, as mentioned earlier, the pots or containers should be selected carefully. Because the drainage of a pot or container is an important aspect to cover and consider. The clay pots usually absorb most of the moisture. Also, the drainage and width of the pot or a container should be considered.

Container selection is an important step to take care of before this plant is grown. People don’t water it a lot. But the drainage quality of the container will help in dealing with the occasional overwatering. This will help in saving the plant even if it is to get damaged by any mistake.

Use of Fertilizers

The use of fertilizers for dragon blood sedums is not more than once or twice in a whole season of bloom. Because more fertilizers can lead to growth in dimensions that are not intended by the gardener. Once or twice in a season will maintain the minimum level of nutrients.

Fertilizers having low nitrogen are preferred for the dragon blood sedums. Potassium is necessary for this plant to keep up with the growth, moving water, and minerals in the plant. It also helps in developing resistance to any disease. 

Growing dragon blood sedums is not so difficult. Also, once these plants are grown, they don’t need much attention and care. They can handle the harsh weather and occasionally can deal with over moistening.

But the end result is very charming and eye-catching. Because when the dragon blood sedums are in full bloom, they attract a lot of attention and make the surroundings beautiful and worth watching.   


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