Growing Hybrid Tea Roses In Container

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Roses are the most attractive plants for your garden. It’s an ideal plan to plant hybrid tea roses in your garden. Hybrid tea roses in a container give a fine look and create a feeling of freshness all over your surroundings.

You can easily transfer the container containing hybrid tea roses either indoors or outdoors according to your needs.

a container grown hybrid tea rose flower

Introduction to Hybrid Tea Roses

Hybrid tea roses are basically from the same group of roses. These oldest groups of roses are now famous as modern garden roses.

Some important facts about hybrid tea roses

A Latin name used for this plant commonly is Rosa hybrida. It is among the world’s famous varieties of roses that you can grow in your gardens with great enthusiasm. This plant has a long stem having a beautiful single flower with velvety petals. It is indeed the most beautiful thing in your garden.

The ideal time for planting hybrid tea roses in a container 

Of all the seasons, autumn, usually in October and November, is the best time for this plant to grow properly and bloom fully.

Hardiness Zones

The hardiness zone for hybrid tea tree roses is 5 to somehow lies between 9. It’s can be cultivated in any region or area. This plant doesn’t have any specific native areas.

The lifespan of hybrid tea roses

Hybrid tea roses can survive or live from 5 years to 10 years. It depends on the care and the planting skill of the person who planted these roses.

Modern roses have a shorter life span when compared to the older varieties of roses. Older varieties of roses can live from 5 to 100 years. Some climbing roses may last or live more than 50 years.

Best roses for container

We have shortlisted some roses for you that are best to grow in containers. Here they are:

  • Deep red floribunda
  • Yellow miniature
  • Rich pink Miniature
  • Yellow floribunda
  • Red hybrid tea

They are the best plants to grow in containers. Let’s discuss some of them in more detail.

Floribunda roses in a pot

Their size, their round shape, and the growth of their foliage make them attractive for your container.

Hybrid tea in a pot

They will grow well in pots approximately 3′ to 5′ in a normal container. They also make your container attractive enough.

Miniature roses or climbing roses in pots

These roses are small in size and have an attractive growth range that is ideal for container gardening. Climbing roses have the ability to grow up to the height of 12 feet.

Shrub roses in pots

Shrub roses are plants that will stay in the container with more ease. They can grow from 1′ to 10′. That’s why for planting this first you should check the size of your container.

Steps before planting

Before planting, make sure to water your rose well so that it can absorb water completely. But don’t add extra water that makes the compost wet.


A 20-inch container should be perfect for planting hybrid tea roses. The container should have proper depth. It must have proper drainage with drainage holes.

These holes will allow extra water to move outside from your container and protect your plants from issues like root rot and some other fungal attacks.

Problem with roses in pots

Roses have a deep root system so containers should also be deep or large enough to handle this extreme system of roots. Otherwise, a small size container will cause spoilage of the root system and stop the growth of the plant.

If your container doesn’t have any hole for water to seep out then it will also cause problems for your hybrid roses to grow properly in a pot.

Material of container

For planting hybrid roses select a container that is made up of wood or can be of plastic. Ceramic material containers can also be used for planting hybrid tea roses.

In summer, put your rose container into another large-size container that will protect your hybrid tea rose from direct exposure to the sun.

Selection of soil

After selecting a container for your plant the soil should be mixed with compost and origami rose food.

If the soil has poor quality, then you can add compost to it for improvement.


Plant the roses in the container. Planting hybrid tea roses in a container is the same as in the ground.

Care and proper handling of plants while planting in the containers should be the main step of focus.

When to feed roses in a container

Not at a younger age, but later on roses need extra feed or heavy fertilizers for their growth and nourishment. Many different fertilizers are used but the most recommended fertilizer for hybrid tea roses is water soluble fertilizers.

Liquid-based fertilizers

Liquid-based fertilizers will seep out or leach out quickly if you are living in an area where your plant has to face more rain.


Hybrid tea roses in a container need more water as compared to hybrid tea roses in the soil of your garden. If the temperature in your area increases, then you have to increase the amount of water. It depends directly on the temperature range.

If you are going to face heavy snow in your area then no need to do anything, no need to cover the plant, just keep in mind the hardiness zone of this hybrid tea rose plant. 

Helpful tip

Take a look at the container in which you plant hybrid roses after every 3 years. All you need is to change the container of your hybrid tea rose.

Try to trim your plant with great care. Give a light trim to the roots. Use fresh soil for replanting or when shifting the hybrid tea roses into another container. 


Where do hybrid tea roses grow best?

They will grow best in sunny places. Sunny places will shelter them from the outside harsh environment like from wind.

Shade is not the ideal option for this plant to grow. To get the best yield of hybrid tea roses one should provide good drainage soil while planting.

Are these hybrid tea roses easy to grow?

Yes, these hybrid tea roses are easy to grow as they can grow fast and will last for many years. 

Can roses survive summer in a pot?

If your hybrid tea rose plant carries or brings flowers in summer,  immediately put your rose container outside in the sun. Provide proper water to the plant to fill up to an optimum level.

Can roses survive winter in a pot?

Yes, roses have the quality to be dormant during winter. Winter seasons do not have a lasting effect on the growth of roses. In winter, plants need damp soil, so if you get flowers in this season, remove all packaging and add more proper soil to your plant. 

A temperature range for example, below 32°F, is not appropriate for this plant, so find an area or solution in which the plant remains warm and you can save your plant from any damage.

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