How to Plant Nasturtiums In A Container

Want a plant that is beautiful, has attractive and colorful flowers, and releases scents from not only flowers but also from the leaves, moreover, its flowers, fruit, and leaves are edible. Also, the plant has been proven to be a very good companion plant. Then you need to learn how to plant nasturtiums in a container.


Nasturtiums are beautiful flowering plants. Most of the time grown indoors and this plant is preferred for its flowers. They have multiple colors including red, yellow, orange, and creamy. This plant is a real showstopper. It attracts a lot of attention when it is in full bloom.

Along with beautiful colorful flowers, its leaves, and flowers give off a very good smell. This makes the kitchen or a place where it is being planted, a very appealing and fresh place. Also, the flowers, leaves, and fruit of this plant are edible. Which makes it more preferred by gardeners of all levels.

Nasturtiums are of two different types. One is bushy and the other is dwarf, or you can say a climber. The bushy ones are good for the containers. They look like a basket filled with greenery and flowers. The climber one can be grown beside the windows. It can be used to cover the ground. Both types are good for growing in the pot.

Why Nasturtiums?

 As mentioned earlier, these plants’ flowers, leaves, and even fruits are edible. These can be used in salads. They are high sources of vitamins and other nutrients. Their smell gives a hint of their taste. These plants contain high amounts of vitamin C.

Nasturtiums are good companion plants. They are highly reliable. Planting nasturtiums with cabbage family, tomatoes, peppers, and other plants has been proven advantageous. They help in pollination and give a good helping hand to other plants in their growth.

These plants aren’t just pretty faces. They also repel bugs and insects. You can rely on these plants to keep the bugs and insects away as they would provide a defensive shield. In short, these plants are a must for your garden for many different benefits.

The colorfulness of flowers and their role as companions and defenders makes them a good and preferred choice for gardeners. From a visual point of view, they complement the garden. Their leaves are attractive in their own way.

Nasturtiums are easy to grow. They don’t need much water, or good soil and fertilizers to grow. Poor soil quality is also not an issue these plants take very seriously. Also, they are good with less water. These are slightly drought-tolerant. Nasturtiums just need sunlight to grow effectively

How to Grow Nasturtiums

Nasturtium Flower Tropaeolum Majus Garden Nasturtium

Do nasturtiums transplant well?

Nasturtiums can be grown from the seeds as well as by transplanting the plants. But the transplantation of plants in the case of nasturtiums is not recommended. These can be transplanted but their success rate is very low. These plants are very fragile and thin, so during transplanting, there is a risk of breaking or damaging the roots.

Growing Nasturtiums from the Seeds

So, the preferred method of planting and growing the nasturtiums is sowing from the seeds. This gives not only a high rate of germination but also the choice about what to select and what to leave. Also, growing seeds would result in a high rate of germination, and the seeds can be sown as pairs to avoid any misses.

Selecting the Right Pot or a Container

Can you grow nasturtiums in containers?

You can surely grow them in containers but the selection of the right pot or container is important. Make sure it is well-drained. Because an excess of even better things is bad. Too much water might cause problems for the nasturtiums. Also, select a pot that is 12 to 15 inches wide and deep.

You can grow the nasturtiums in a peat pot also. This peat pot will help in a way that, where seeds of the nasturtiums will germinate, you will be able to shift the peat pot into the final container in which you want to grow the plant. This process will help in transplantation without disturbing the roots of the nasturtium plants.

Soil for the Nasturtium Plant

This plant is good with poor soil also. It is quite a hard plant and has quite a resistance in it. It can tackle the harsh conditions regarding the soil. Plant the nasturtiums in the loose soil, which is well-drained and mixed with the organically composed matter.

Keep the moisture level maintained in the soil before sowing seeds in it. Avoid the use of heavy soil or a mixture of clay. This surely will not be good for your plant. You can add a mild or balanced mixture of organic fertilizer before sowing the seeds in a container.

The addition of fertilizers is not recommended so much, not because it may cause problems. But because of strong or good nutrients, the plant will grow with full zeal and zest. This will cause fewer flowers and more bushes and leaves. This is not our ultimate goal.

Sowing Nasturtium Seeds

Do nasturtium seeds need to be soaked before planting?

Before sowing the seeds, soak them in the water and clean the seeds. So that, it is ensured that there are no weed seeds here. This would concentrate all your efforts on the nasturtiums only. 

Now as you have prepared the soil, sow the seeds of nasturtiums in the container. There should be at least a 9 cm distance between each plant. This will help in the good growth and bloom of the plants. Dip them around 1.5 cm down in the soil and add more soil over it. Water the seeds enough to keep the moisture.

Light Requirements of Nasturtium Plant

Do nasturtiums like the full sun?

Nasturtiums require a lot of sunlight. Because they have flowers to bloom, colors to get, and leaves to be grown. However, you should keep the plant protected from the harsh sun. It may cause sunburn to the plant. Also, it may cause irreversible damage to the plant.

To provide adequate light to the plant of nasturtiums. If growing indoors, you can put the plant or a container in an east-facing window. There the plant will get enough sunlight, and will also be saved from the severe sunlight that may cause problems for the plant.

Watering the Nasturtiums Plants

Before going to watering, when seeds are germinating check them. Look out for weeds and remove them. Otherwise, they will get much of your plant’s food. Make them thin up to 25 to 30 cm by getting the unnecessary plants out.

This plant is easygoing with water negligence. But you have to give them water to keep up the moisture required for the necessary growth. Water the nasturtium plants once a week. Check the moisture with your finger by checking the upper layer of the soil.

You can water the soil twice during harsh summers. But most of the time these plants are capable of keeping the moisture.

Pests and Diseases

As we know these plants attract a lot of pests. Usually, these are used as traps and as a defense system for the other plants and crops in the garden. If there still is a problem, you can spray with high-pressure water as well as with the pesticides available for pests.

This plant will help in eliminating most of the pests from the garden.

How do you take care of nasturtium plants?

Nasturtiums are easy to be taken care of. Water them regularly when there is a season of growth and bloom. Avoid over-watering. This may cause damage to the bloom and growth of the plants.

Prune or trim the nasturtiums. Because when you are growing the nasturtiums in the container, they won’t leave any empty space and you might face some overcrowding. They will try to get out of the container too. You have to try and make sure that it resides inside the container, this would look disciplined.

Keep them watering to mitigate the harsh effects of the summer season. On the other hand, also provide them with enough light which is necessary for the growth of the plants. 

Deadheading and cutting will lead to more growth and bloom.

Harvesting and Storage

As we know already, the nasturtium plants are edible as a whole. Their flowers, seeds, and even the leaves can be eaten. You can consume the leaves at any time of growth. You can add them to a salad. The same is the case with flowers. When added, these will be very decorative and it also has a peppery taste.

Seeds of nasturtiums can be used like capers. Interestingly these seeds are known as capers of the poor man. You can use them by adding salt to them. 

Do nasturtiums come back every year?

While getting the seeds in the ripened form can add to ore. You can clean them and keep them in a safe place. This can help in a way that will provide you with the seeds for the further next year’s growth of the nasturtium plants.

So, the nasturtium plants are a special gift from mother nature. This plant can be grown easily. It covers all the aspects of beauty, usefulness, and benefits of the gardens. They surely are a most valuable addition to a garden.

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