How to Grow Queen Palms from Seeds

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Along with searching for beautiful ground covers gardeners always search for decorative plants which are beautiful and graceful. The plant can tell from its presence that it is an excellent value added to the garden. If you want one you need to know how to grow queen palms from seeds.

How do you easily Grow Queen Palms from Seeds

Queen Palms Plants

Native to Brazil and Argentina the queen palms are also known as the Syagrus romanzoffiana. These are one of the many types of palms. These plants can also be cultivated in the United States. The queen palms are planted for decoration purposes. These plants are liked among the masses.

The queen palms are single-trunked trees. Queen’s palms have bright, glossy pinnate leaves on the top of the tree. These leaves softly drop down making a beautiful canopy. For this canopy, these plants are favored and prioritized.

The queen palms trees usually grow in warm areas, but they can withstand cooler areas up to 15 to 20 degrees Celcius. These trees are majestic and win hearts with their shape and size. If this is not enough, these trees also produce miniature blossoms in the summer, which eventually turn into fruit in winter.

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Why Grow Queen Palms?

Ornamental Value

First of all, from the name of the plant it will be a terrific addition to the garden. As queen, it will make the garden turn into an empire. Which is done by this tree. These are of great ornamental value to the gardens for an exceptionally extended period.


First of all, these trees are tall, as they belong to the palm family. So, while planting the queen palms keep in mind the height of these trees. They can go high up to fifty feet. The canopy of the queen palms can spread around twenty-five feet. Its trunk is straight and branchless. 

These trees also bear a lot of fruit. The fruit can weigh one hundred pounds and can contain thousands of seeds. You can get a lot of seeds to propagate the queen palm trees later on.

Queen palms can grow in warmer climates with slightly acidic soils. In the United States of America, the queen palms can be planted in the hardiness zones of 9b to 11.

These plants are easy to take care of, once the plants are established. In the start, you will need to provide water and fertilizers as well. Then after some years once established, these plants grow smoothly. They do not need much care.

How to Grow Queen Palms from Seeds

Queen palms can be grown by getting the plants from nurseries or horticultural sites. But growing from seeds will give you more knowledge and exposure to the plants. This will help you in the progress of the plant in the future. Also, growing from seeds ensures a successful plantation.

Getting the Seeds of Queen Palms Trees

Seeds of queen palms trees can be found in stores or horticulture sites. You can get the seeds from there. Or you can collect the seeds which are being dropped from the already planted queen palm trees. This will also ensure that you are getting the right palm seeds.

Select the fruit which is at least half ripened. Once you have gotten the seeds, now soak them in water for a few days. This will help in getting rid of the pulp. Get rid of the pulp so that the brown seed is clear and crystal.

After cleaning the seeds, soak them again for a few days. This will help in softening the roots and will result in rapid germination. Remove all the seeds which float to the top, these seeds are less likely going to germinate.

Sowing the Queen Palms Seeds

Now as the seeds are ready you can sow them. 

Selection of Soil and Pot

Select the weed-free gardening soil. Also, add the organic mixture to it. Put the soil into the pot. Make sure the pot is well-drained. 

Now as the soil and container are ready, sow the queen palm seeds one inch deep in the soil. after sowing cover the seeds as well. Water the container soon after sowing the seeds. Keep the container moist (but not soggy) during the entire process of germination. 

Keep the container in bright sunlight for 4 to 5 hours a day. Germination can take six weeks to six months. Keep the container in a higher temperature area, as it germinates well there.

Transplanting the Queen Palms Seedlings

Now as the seeds have germinated you can transplant them into the garden. Make sure that seedlings have two to three leaves. Most of the time at this stage, queen palms are transplanted into other containers. Then after a year, these are transplanted into the garden. You can choose any of the methods.

One important tip to note is that you have to provide fertilizers to seedlings once they have germinated. You can use water-soluble fertilizers, once in a few weeks until the palms are growing in the containers.

Selection of Soil in Garden

Choose gardening soil that is acidic and well-drained because these two qualities of soil can help you grow the palm tree without caring much. You should treat the soil if it is not acidic. You can add manganese, iron, or any other acid to make the soil acidic.

Also, select the sunny side and keep in mind the size of the tree. It is going to be huge.

Transplanting the Seedlings

You can transplant seedlings from March/April till August.

Now, as the soil is ready, we can transplant seedlings. Dig the holes such deep that it covers the root ball of the plants. Fill the soil gently around the plants. Add mulch to the plants around three inches. You can also add the tree brace alongside the plant to keep it protected from the winds

Taking Care of Queen Palms Trees

Once the queen palms are established, they grow rapidly. You need to take enough care in starting stage so that it can grow smoothly.

Watering Schedule for the Queen Palms

Queen palms like moisture. So, you should water the plants to keep the moisture intact. Water every other day at the start. You are going to water three times a week in the summer, and two times a week in winter. Also, keep in mind the temperature of the area while watering. Do not let it go for dryness.

Sunlight Requirement for Queen Palms

As you would have chosen the site for planting, which will be good for sun exposure also, because of the nature of the plant height. These plants require sunlight exposure for quite a time in a day.

Fertilizers Requirement for Queen Palms

Purchase an excellent quality fertilizer. Your fertilizers should include magnesium, iron, copper, manganese, and nitrogen. Add fertilizer twice in one growing season. A healthy queen palm can grow 1.5m to 2m in one season. 

You should add fertilizers especially when the palm shows a frizzy top. This is a sign of deficiency of any of the main ingredients essential for growth. You should add manganese to the soil of the plant at this stage.

Pests and Diseases of Queen Palms Trees

There are no common pests for the queen palms. But some diseases can cause the death of queen palm trees. First of all, the yellowish/frizzy top shows that there can be a deficiency of essential nutrients like Potassium or Manganese.

So, add nutrients to the plants. Frizzling of older leaves at their ends is the indicator of deficiency of Potassium. While frizzling of younger leaves at their base is a sign of deficiency of Manganese. Usually, both deficiencies are not found in one plant at the same time.

Also, in alkaline soils queen palms shows a variety of symptoms of deficiency. You can say that most of the diseases related to queen-palm include nutrient deficiency.

There is one other disease known as Ganoderma Zonatum. It causes the decay of the trunk. So, keep this disease in mind and keep looking for symptoms. Consult the horticulturist nearby if you see any unusual progress in the plant.

Also, keeping the turf away from the trunk helps avoid decay.

Harvesting the Queen Palms Trees

As it bears a lot of fruit you might think about what to do with it. Most of the time the fruit on the queen’s palms drops by itself. You should collect it and save it for further plantation. You should also collect it to make sure that there is no chance of new seedlings.

These orange-red fruits are poisonous for dogs especially. If you have a pet dog, take diligent care in this regard. It can kill your dog.

You can say these queen palms are a fantastic addition to the garden. This will give hints to others about your gardening skills and love from afar.



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