How To Plant Allium Bulbs In Containers

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Allium is a Latin name used for an ornamental plant. You can grow allium bulbs in a container by following some common tricks. Here, we will discuss them in detail.

Guide on planting allium bulbs in containers

About Allium Plant

Allium is the plant that gives colors and attractiveness to your garden. This plant is attractive to humans as well as to bees. Flowers bloom on the top of the allium plant. Flowers of different colors appear on tall stems that attract the viewer’s eye.

This allium plant gives vast benefits. It’s hard to find the range of advantages of this plant. You can use it for decoration purposes. You can also use it for garnishing dishes to make them look presentable.

Generic detail:

This allium plant belongs to the family of onions called “Amaryllidaceae“. Its scientific name is “Allium giganteum. It belongs to the kingdom Plantae.

Common names for Allium:

They are called Giant Onion due to their shape and size.

A second name is also common, that is ornamental plants. This name is famous due to the looks and attractiveness of this plant.

Can you plant allium in a container?

Yes, you can plant or grow allium in a container by using a large container with a good drainage system or drainage holes. They will grow nicely in deep containers.

Can we plant Allium in containers indoors or outdoors?

Yes, You can plant this indoors as well as outdoors. 

Indoor planting:

You can keep your container indoors by providing your plant’s container with a fully sunny spot so it can grow well. Set the indoor conditions properly and wait for the giant flowers to come outside the container.

Outdoor planting:

November will be the best season to plant allium bulbs in the outside environment. Allium plants need dry soil to grow well. Provide them with a sunny place outdoors as in indoor planting. 

Can we grow Allium with a bulb?

Yes, the longest-living flower of a plant will grow with a bulb. With the help of this Bulb, you can plant a new Allium having a great variety of colorful flowers.

How to grow Allium in a container?

While growing Allium in a container, you should follow some simple steps to earn a greater yield of blooms from this plant.

Some of the steps are as given:

  • First, take a container
  • Add soil to it
  • Dig a hole in the soil 
  • Add your allium bulb to it
  • Water the plant
  • Wait for the plant to bloom

Conditions to grow:


Choose a large container by keeping in mind the diameter of the bulb. You would need a six times deeper container. It should be broad enough to provide a larger space between the bulb and the side of the container.

  • Containers have almost 4 to 5 drainage holes
  • You can also create holes in the container using a drill or other tool.

Provide Good soil

Good and appropriately draining soil is necessary for the steady growth of an allium bulb. Well-drained soil will give all the nutritional needs to the plant. Use dense soil. It will help to absorb moisture and protect the bulb from decay.

Enough light

This plant needs enough light to grow. Six to seven hours of light is enough for the Allium bulb to rise.

This amount of sunlight will help allium stems to grow healthier which will help to give support to the big blooms of allium plants.


Provide maximum water to the soil in the container. adequate supply is needed to saturate the soil. Water can effortlessly run out from the drainage holes. Saturated soil will completely store the bulbs from all sides. One should plant only during its active growth time.

Allium flower

Once the decay of the allium plant occurs, stop watering it. Once it blooms completely, you can separate the allium flower. You can dry it and place it in your room in a vase.

eye-catching purple allium flower


These ornamental plants are strong enough to create a borderline from pests. They are generally pest resistant. 


Allium plants do not need large amounts of fertilizers. But if you want to add fertilizer for the flowering of allium, then you must have to choose a fertilizer that has phosphorus content.

Nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizers are the best for allium plants.


Which way up to plant allium bulbs?

You have to plant the bulb pointed-end up so the root will grow effectively downward. Dig a deeper hole in the soil and place the bulb in the soil in a pointed direction.

Don’t forget to add 3″ inch compost before placing the allium bulb. Compost will enhance the drainage as well as the nutritional level of the soil. 

Do allium bulbs multiply?

If you take proper care of your allium plant, allium bulbs will definitely multiply. It is a perennial plant so as a result when it starts multiplying it will give more yield for a longer time.

How deep to plant an allium bulb?

Place the allium bulb 4 times deeper than the size of the bulb. Spread the soil entirely in the container with the help of your hand. Make sure to minimize all the air pockets by dumping the soil with your hands.

What to plant with allium in a container?

Use a tulip or daisies plant to plant with the allium plant in the container. It will give more colors and strength to your garden.

Can we plant allium with seeds?

Yes, you can plant allium by using seeds. Planting allium with seed is quite different as compared to planting allium bulbs.

Allium seeds take more time to grow and need more care as compared to allium bulbs. Planting seed requires regular watering. Painting allium with seed also requires compost or soil with organic nutrients.

Can you plant an allium bulb in the spring?

Yes, you can plant your bulb in the spring season. During the season, this plant grows steadily. So you can say that spring is the ideal season for allium to plant.

Can I plant an allium bulb in march?

You can plant while maintaining soil by adding compost but wait for the last frost to be over. In late summer, plants need more light as compared to mid-spring.

How many flowers are allium flowers per bulb?

A single allium bulb will give you a single stem and a single flower. However, you will find small tiny flowers around this single giant flower.

Do allium plants come back every year?

Yes, if you grow allium following all the necessary conditions, they will come back again next year. 


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