How to Plant Crocus Bulbs Indoors

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Crocus bulb hybrid is the botanical name of these beautiful small flowering plants commonly known as crocus bulbs. You might face some hard times during the winter season but this plant is like a ray of hope for you. Because they won’t let you keep waiting for the spring season to bloom. 

 If you want to get the flowers even before spring arrives then you need to know how to plant crocus bulbs indoors.

Crocus Bulbs

Crocuses are beautiful small flowers. These are native to eastern Europe, the Middle East, North Africa, and Asia. These flowers are usually grown inside the home. These are indoor plants. In the mid or late winters, these plants bloom and give a very strong and hopeful message that spring is not far. It is around the corner.

These plants can bloom in the mid-winter or in the late winters and early spring when there is no other greenery around and no other plants are blooming, except the other evergreen plants. These plants have purple, yellow, orange, and even white flowers. This flowering plant is going to be the next level addition to your garden.

These can easily be domesticated. It has a hardiness zone ranging from USDA zone 3 to 8. This plant is easy to take care of. It just needs partial to full sun and well-drained soil. But if you want to keep your domestic environment green and fresh even in winters, then you need to opt for this plant immediately.

Why Plant Crocus Bulbs?

First of all, the initial process of growing and planting the crocus bulbs is not as difficult. You just need to follow the basic instructions then you are quite good to go. These plants get to the end result of bloom with little to medium level effort.

Moreover, this plant is a symbol of hope for gardeners. It is quite easy to say about following a passion but practically it is difficult. In the fall season, gardeners get bored by constantly taking care of the garden when all of it is almost in dormancy.

When these crocus bulbs are there in the garden, the greenery of these plants and finally the flowers of these plants give a refreshing look and hope that spring is not so far. 

At least you can say in the late winters, crocus plants and their flowers are a blessing for indoor settings. The flowers of this plant increase the coolness of the eyes and give a great sense of hope and progress.

Varieties of Crocus Plants

There are many different known varieties of crocus plants. Some of the prominent varieties are grown repeatedly. We are going to mention the varieties which are commonly grown and have been tried before in different zones.

Bowles White, Flower Record, Pickwick, and Purpureus Grandifloras are some of the commonly grown types. These bulbs vary in terms of growth size ranging from 2 inches to 5 inches. One of the famous varieties is the tricolor crocus, with distinct bands of three colors.

It doesn’t matter which variety you opt to plant. Actually, these plants have more than one hundred known species. All of them are famous for their different colorful flowers. They will surely give a sense of freshness. Once planted you would admire your choice.

How to Plant Crocus Bulbs Indoor

How do you grow crocus bulbs indoors?

Growing crocus bulbs is not such a difficult task. They just need a little preparation in advance. If the steps are followed consistently then you can definitely hope for the best results.

Keep in mind the right time. You can start the growing process At the start of the fall, like in the month of October, it’s good to start. Because then you will be able to bloom in the late winters or early springs.

Selection and Cleaning of Seeds

Crocus bulbs are actually the corms. Don’t buy any corm that is soft or mushy. Also, don’t choose the corm which is sprouting already. You can find corms at the start of fall, in the local nurseries. Also, you can find corms online with more varieties available.

Make sure to clean the corms, so that no corm is hurt or mushy. This will increase the rate of germination.

Planting the Corms of Crocuses

How do you plant crocus bulbs in pots?

Crocuses are planted by the process of planting and forcing in the beginning. It is easy to follow. As we need to plant the corms, get the soil well mixed with some good quality potting mix. Get the soil into a container of 6 to 7 cm in depth. Make sure the container has enough drainage holes.

Now put the soil in the container and make room for the corms to be buried in the soil. Set the corms in the soil, with their pointy ends in the up direction and side by side. Make sure corms are not so close to each other. Don’t press the soil, keep it loosened so that roots can grow effectively. Water the container thoroughly.

Forcing the Corms of Crocuses

Can you force crocus bulbs indoors?

As mentioned earlier these corms need forcing. Now put this container in which corms have been sown, in a dark and cool(not freezing) place. Avoid keeping it near the ripening fruits or vegetables, it will cause problems.

How long does it take to force crocus bulbs?

Keep the container for about 12 weeks in the place mentioned above.

When the shoots from the corms have sprouted and are about 5 cm high take the container out in the light. At this initial stage, the temperature should be warmer, and the intensity of light should be low. Gradually increase the intensity of the light. You can do this by hardening off the plant. 

Propagating the Crocuses Plants In Containers

Now as the corms have grown enough and have developed some of their roots, now it’s time to transplant them to their original containers. Get the small containers or you can also plant them in vases. Fill the container with a mixture of soil and compost. Also, keep in mind there should be proper drainage.

Now, add the decorative pebbles to the upper layer of the soil in a container. Now place the sprouted corms inside it. 

Propagating the Crocuses Plants In Vase

Can you force Crocus bulbs in water?

Can you grow Crocus in a vase?

If you want to grow them in a vase, all you need is clean water and small decorative pebbles.  Place the vases in the bright sunlight and keep checking the water, it should remain fresh all the time.

How long does it take crocus bulbs to bloom?

Crocuses will start growing in two to four weeks.

Just make sure the bright sunlight is available for enough of the time like 5 to 6 hours a day. Also, the watering schedule should be consistent, and containers need to be well-drained. Because excess water might result in the rotting of bulbs and corms.

Taking Care of Crocus Plants

 Taking care of crocus plants is very easy. When you have followed the basics in advance you don’t need to worry at all.

Location For The Crocus Plant

The selection of location for the pot’s placement is important. It is emphasized a lot for two reasons. Temperature and sunlight. These plants need a mild temperature and bright sunlight for 5 to 6 hours a day. This is necessary for effective bloom in the required period of time.

Watering Schedule

Make a consistent watering schedule. These plants’ roots need water to grow. Make sure the pots are well-drained. Simply, you need to keep a balance between the required moisture and excess water for crocus plants.

Use of Fertilizers for Crocuses

These plants don’t need such nutrients or fertilizers. Feed these plants balanced liquid fertilizers once a month. Start this from half of the planting time till the blooming season. Don’t use fertilizers when there is a bloom season.

Pests/Problems and Diseases of Crocuses

There are no such pests and diseases in the room for the crocus plants. Rather these plants play a great role and pave way for the further pollination of other plants in the early spring season.

One main thing to note is the danger of squirrels. Squirrels are quite attracted to these plants and their flowers. So, when you are going to plant crocuses indoors or in the hanging setting, you may not need to worry much. But if you think that they might cause problems then you can use wire mesh or cage for these plants.

Getting Corms for further Propagation

Can you leave crocus bulbs in the ground?

Once grown corms cannot be grown again. But these bulbs produce their offsets. They take time to mature. If you want to keep them for further propagation, you need to wait until the foliage becomes yellow and dies naturally.

Now you can dig the corms. Separate the newer ones and store them which are healthy. You can replant them after the dormancy season has passed. It is quite simple to replant the crocuses. You might need the process of forcing for effective germination and growth of crocuses.

So, once planted the crocuses, with mild care you would not only be able to get the bloom and flowers in the season of fall when there are no other flowers around but also you would be able to get a constant supply of its offspring which you can spread a lot.

So, planting crocuses has a special effect on the people. It gives reason to be active in the fall. Moreover, its multiplying corms give us a chance to spread this blessing of nature among our family and friends.

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