How to Plant Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Most of the plants blessed by nature have a particular season to bloom and fruit. In other seasons they grow or go for dormancy. But there are some fruits that are everbearing. These produce fruit for most of the seasons of the year. If you want one you need to learn how to plant Ozark beauty strawberries.

These plants along with being everbearing, are a great addition to the garden. Having multiple uses for its fruits and being most preferred makes it an ideal plant for every gardener. Moreover, these plants require little effort for smooth survival and bear great results.

ozark strawberries
ever bearing strawberries
fragaria ananassa

Types of Strawberries

There are two main types of strawberries. One is bigger June- bearing strawberries and the others are ever-bearing strawberries.

The bigger June- bearing strawberries are common strawberries that are usually cultivated on a commercial level. These are also planted at homes as well. They bear fruit one time a year in spring or late summer. 

While on the other hand, the ever-bearing strawberries are also cultivated on the commercial level. But these are the most common strawberries which are grown in homes and gardens. They bear fruit two to three times a year. In the spring, late summer, and also in fall. These strawberries are the most productive ones. 

Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Botanically known as Fragaria Ananassa, Ozark beauty strawberries were originally first developed and produced in Arkansas. These strawberries are considered as most productive and most loved home gardening fruit plant. As we know these are everbearing, which makes them preferred by gardeners.

Their ever-bearing ability makes the fruit available most of the time of the year. The plants are attractive and have great adaptability to many environments. These strawberries are one of the best strawberries commercially sold. 

Ozark Beauty strawberries are red in color and are juicy fruits. They have sizes of 1 to 2 inches. These plants can be grown in containers as well as in gardens.

Why Plant Ozark Beauty Strawberries

There are many good reasons to plant and adopt the Ozark beauty strawberries.

Importance in Fruit (Nutrition) Availability

As these plants are everbearing you can expect the availability of fruit most of the time of the year. Moreover, besides eating these strawberries raw you can use them for multiple purposes like juices, jams, etc. They have some of the good amounts of nutrients required by the human body.

Characteristics of Ozark Beauty Strawberries

One of their main characteristics is being ever-bearing. It provides fruit for most of the time of the year. The fruit is quite good. It is full red in color, juicy, and has a strong strawberry taste. That’s why this is one of the most preferred home plants.

Also, this plant needs little care after plantation, being an ever-bearing plant. This plant can grow in US hardiness zones of 4 to 8. They can also perform well in zones like 3 and 9. If good care is there it can survive in the low-temperature zones with temperatures of -30 F (-34 C).

Moreover, the Ozark beauty strawberry plants are attractive and have heights of up to 12 inches (30 cm). these are compact and can be easily accessed. They perform well in the sunlight like all other strawberries.

How to Plant Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Planting Ozark beauty strawberries is not such a difficult task. Because of being an ever-bearing plant, the little attention to their plantation at the start can be very beneficial in the future. Moreover, it lessens the burden of tension and cares for the plants.

Selection of Space/ Site

Select a space that has good exposure to sunlight. Whether you are planting the strawberries in a container or a garden. Place your container in a sunny area. All types of strawberries need a good amount of sunlight for smooth progress.

Selecting & Preparing the Soil

Multipurpose soil/ mix will do well for the Ozark beauty strawberries. You can add organically composted matter to the gardening soil or to your container. As these strawberries have to bear fruit more than one-time good nutrients are required for them.

The Ozark beauty strawberries require more acidic soil so a pH ranging from 5.3 to 6.5 is ideal for these plants. While they can survive smoothly anywhere in the pH between 5 and 7. So good soil along with good exposure to sunlight is kind of essential for these plants to survive.

Getting the Ozark Beauty Strawberries Saplings

The good time to plant the Ozark beauty strawberry is in the spring when the soil has thawed. Get the saplings from a known supplier or garden center. It will help in ensuring that we are getting healthy plants and there no disease is guaranteed.  

Check the saplings before plantation. Make sure they are not hurt or harmed. Also, if there are any signs of a disease remove those saplings. The plantation of healthy saplings will result in good and successful plants. Eventually, they will bear the fruit well and will be attractive.

Planting the Ozark Beauty Strawberries

Now as we have got the saplings, and the soil is also ready, it’s time to plant the Ozark beauty strawberries. Makes holes for the saplings so that their root ball can get covered. Plant the saplings in holes and cover the roots with soil. Gently press the soil around the plants. 

As these plants can grow up to 12 inches and also these plants can spread around 10 to 12 inches. So, while planting them keep spacing of at least 12 inches. It will ensure the good growth of the plants. Also, it will help in developing runners if you wish to.

Soon after the plantation water the plants. You might need to water the Ozark beauty strawberries more frequently. Check for moisture and keep it up to the mark. You can add mulch to the plants so that the moisture can last longer.

Growing Ozark Beauty Strawberries In Containers

If you are planting the Ozark beauty strawberries in the container, follow the same steps. Ensure good spacing. It will be great if the soil is well-drained so that diseases can be avoided if there are any chances of that. Also, keep in mind the space for the height. So, place the container accordingly.

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When do Ozark Beauty Strawberries Produce

The Ozark beauty strawberry might not bear good fruit in the first year. This happens most of the time. You don’t have to worry. In the next season, the fruit will be optimal. Also, these plants develop runners. You might like to take out some of them so that all energies are directed to bearing fruit and growth. 

Ozark Beauty Strawberry Care

strawberry plant
how to plant strawberries
planting strawberries

Taking care of the Ozark beauty strawberries requires little attention. As they have to bear fruit more than one time, they need nutrients and water. Also, in the frosts, you might need to cover them with straw, or a frosting sheet to save them from dying.

Water Requirements

The Ozark beauty strawberries need plenty of water. Because they have to produce juicy strawberries. So, water is essential. Keep the moisture intact. You can add mulch to the plants to keep the moisture intact so that plants don’t run dry.

Fertilizers Requirements

As the Ozark beauty strawberries are ever-bearing plants they need nutrients for good bloom and growth. You can add aged manure or compost to the container or the plant’s bed in the garden. It will keep up with the required nutrients.

Light-balanced fertilizers provided regularly will have a good effect. When Ozark beauty strawberries are neat to bear fruit adding balanced fertilizers will be effective. 

Ozark Beauty Strawberry Winter Care

Protect your Ozark beauty from harsh winters. When the temperature drops to around 20° F, cover plants with hay or leaves to protect them over the winter. 

When growth starts in the spring, remove the covering.

Pests and Diseases

Ozark Beauty strawberries are not known for so much disease resistance. However, these are resistant to leaf scorch and leaf spot. They might get attacked by spider mites or root nematodes. These plants can also get attacked by the diseases like Verticillium wilt or red stele. 

You have to contact local horticulturists to effectively eradicate these diseases. Because these diseases can be area-specific or can be the result of any unexpected event.

As this is one of the most fruiting plants, it also attracts birds. You will need to take good care of them.


As the Ozark beauty strawberries bear fruit, they will tell by their color whether they have ripened or not. You can also check them by tasting them. They have red color and a strong strawberry flavor. These strawberries can be used for canning, juices, jams, etc.

These strawberries have a little less firm fruit. If you want to supply, it to anyone handle it with care. Commercially also, it is grown and supplied to nearby areas. 

In short, the Ozark beauty strawberries are the true blessings of mother nature and are a great addition to the garden. Wherever whenever these plants are planted, and they are loved. Their ability to adapt to the settings and ever-bearing makes them an ideal plant for every passionate gardener.

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