How to Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Cherry Tomatoes

Cherry Tomatoes are juicy, bite-sized, early-ripening, and easy-to-grow plants. Even if you are a beginner gardener you can easily grow cherry tomatoes in your home garden. You can do this by getting cherry tomatoes from a store and then growing new ones. This is a very productive plant and one plant can produce a reliable-sized crop. 

Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Cherry Tomatoes

Solanum Lycopersicum var. Cerasiforme is the scientific name for cherry tomatoes. This plant traveled from, the northern Andes into Mexico. They come in a small round, globular and oblong shapes. Moreover, the size of this tomato is typically about half-inch to two inches.

These tomatoes are perfect garden options for areas that have shorter growing seasons, like in colder regions. Their harvest time is around 50 to 65 days. Before planting them, wait for the frost season to pass. 

Cherry tomatoes come in different colors that include red, yellow, orange, green, black, and even ice-colored. These have both determinate and indeterminate varieties. We shall be learning about how to grow cherry tomatoes from cherry tomatoes. Also, this article will explain the complete process of how to grow cherry tomatoes from cherry tomatoes by cutting their slices and soil preparation to harvesting. 

Before Planting Cherry Tomatoes

Before planting cherry tomatoes you should know some basics about this plant.

  1. Make sure the frost season has passed. The extreme cold season is not suitable for this plant.
  2. Cherry tomato plants are big bushy ones, so you need to maintain at least a couple of feet of distance between two plants. 
  3. Soil pH should range from 6.2 to 6.5, and it should be well-draining soil.
  4. Sunlight hours must be ranging from four to six each day.
  5. Lime can prevent some growing problems and also tomato fertilizers will help boost your plant growth.
  6. An established plant can be given organic compost. 

How To Grow Cherry Tomatoes From Cherry Tomatoes

You can grow cherry tomatoes from cherry tomatoes. To achieve this, two methods can be adopted. Number one is to make slices of cherry tomatoes and the second method is obtaining seeds from the cherry tomato itself by squeezing it. 

Make slices from cherry tomatoes

You are planning to grow cherry tomatoes from cherry tomatoes. You need a fresh and healthy cherry tomato. Start making its slices by cutting the tomatoes. Every slice must be half-inch thick, this assures the presence of enough seeds in the slice to start a plant. You can make a couple of slices from one cherry tomato.

Squeeze the cherry tomato

There is another method to start a cherry tomato plant from a cherry tomato. Take fresh and mature cherry tomatoes, place a cut at top of the tomato and gently squeeze the tomato over the soil you have prepared. The seeds will drop out of the tomato. Gently disperse them from each other and add some soil to cover them. 

Choose any method that you like and proceed to the next step which is soil preparation. 

Start in a warm weather

Cherry tomatoes die when they are exposed to frost. Keep in mind to start growing them in warm weather. When planting the cherry tomatoes temperature should be around 70 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Soil preparation

Start by making a perfect soil for tomatoes, use one-third portion of the garden soil, one-third of coco peat, and one-third of compost. Mix the soil thoroughly and put the soil where you want to start the growing process. You can place it in the pots or on the ground.

Soil testing 

It’s better to test your garden soil before planting cherry tomatoes. Good soil needs to be acidic and should have good drainage. The pH of the soil must range from 6.2 to 6.5. Good soil should also contain living organisms.

To check if the soil contains enough organisms, dig a small hole in it and observe the soil. If you see some movement, this shows the presence of living organisms in the soil.  

Growing in containers

If you want to grow them in containers, try to pick a determined variety of cherry tomatoes. Choose a larger container that must be equal to or more than 12 inches in diameter. The depth of the container should also be 12 inches. Make sure the container must have drainage holes in it. 

Seed germination Of Cherry Tomato

Once the seeds are in the soil. Add some water to the soil. And keep them in a sunny place. The soil must be kept wet all the time. After a few days, you will start to notice the seedlings coming up from the soil.

Shift your plant to the final location

Once the seedlings are about 6 to 8 inches long it’s time to place them in their final growing areas. Whether it be a container, grow bags, pots, or ground. Dig a 4 to 6 inches deep hole and plant the seedling in it.

Choose a location For Cherry Tomato Plant

red cherry tomatoes hanging

Place your pot or container in a sunny place to ensure 4 to 6 hours of direct sunlight. This is essential for the healthy growth of the plant.

Plant support

Cherry Tomatoes grow up to 5 to 8 feet high. This means you need to support them while they are growing. For this purpose use a good tomato cage or wooden sticks by using fabric strips and try to tie the stems with the cage or sticks. This ensures proper support and the plant does not fall on the ground.

Choose a tomato cage

Most of the cherry tomato types are indeterminate. The length of the plant keeps on increasing throughout the season. So it’s better to use tomato cages for this plant. Wooden sticks will also serve the purpose. Because the plant grows longer and longer, that’s why you should choose a larger tomato cage. 


Keep watering the plant regularly and check whenever your plant soil runs dry. Add more water. The soil must remain wet throughout the growing time. Container soil runs dry quickly so you have to be careful when planting them in containers. Whenever the compost is added to the soil add water immediately


Mulching protects your plant from drying quickly. You can use dead leaves or grass clippings to mulch your plant. This is the best tool to keep the moisture level up during hot summer days. Another benefit of organic mulch is that after decomposing it adds to the soil as a good fertilizer.

Prune your plant

When you start seeing the suckers in your plant you should remove them. Your plant will grow bigger and bigger if not pruned properly. The branches that grow off the main stem should be pruned. 


Always prefer to use organic plant food to ensure better growth.  Vermicompost or manure are good options. Add the compost for your plant every 14 to 15 days. Balanced plant food is important for healthy growth. You can use the 18-18-21 NPK formula for a cherry tomato plant.


Your cherry tomato plant will begin flowering within 40 to 50 days. Once you see the flowers gently shake them so that pollen grains get distributed around the plant. This increases the chances of pollination. 


After about 6 to 10 weeks of pollination, the flowers will start to become tiny green cherry tomatoes. After a few days, these tomatoes will start to ripe and change their color. Pick the fruit you see as fully riped. You can harvest them every day and your plant will continue to produce cherry tomatoes till the next frost.  

Cherry Tomato Varieties

man holding cherry tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes have both determinate and indeterminate varieties. These are some popular know varieties of cherry tomatoes you can choose to grow. 

For more details read this article: 22 Indeterminate Cherry Tomato Varieties To Grow

Black cherry

This is a purple-black heirloom variety that has a sweet rich flavor. It is indeterminate and grows in 65 days. 

Sweet million

it is a popular variety that produces clusters of fruit. Its fruit color is red and it has a sweet taste. 


this cherry tomato is super-sweet and it gives golden-colored fruit.

Pear tomatoes

Red and yellow colored tomatoes. They have pear-shaped necks. They have a little bit thicker skin than ordinary cherry tomatoes. 

Grape tomatoes

Are round, oblong-shaped, and have a sweet taste. 


it is a determinate variety of cherry tomatoes. It is crack resistant.  

Sun gold

A very popular, sweet-tart-flavored cherry tomato. It has a golden orange color and is an indeterminate plant. It grows in 65 days. 

Super sweet 100

It is a sugary-flavored tomato that grows in long clusters. It is indeterminate and its growing time is 70 days. 

Midnight snack

it is an indeterminate cherry tomato. Ripe fruit has a red color and also contains healthy antioxidants. Its harvest time is from 65 to 7o days. 

Maglia Rosa

A semi-determinate variety, it has an elongated egg-like shape. It has a rich and slightly acidic taste. It is the best variety to grow in pots, containers, or hanging baskets. 


an indeterminate plant having a smoky and sweet flavor and a dark green color. It produces a cluster of fruit having 8 to 12 fruits. 

Cherry baby

it is a super productive plant. A single plant can produce up to 350 sweet-flavored fruits. It is an indeterminate variety. 

Yellow Currant

it is a round-shaped and yellow-colored, indeterminate plant. It has a strong sweet flavor. 

Red currant

It has a sweet-tart flavor and a juicy texture. It is an indeterminate variety and matures in 65 to 70 days.  

Mirabelle Blanche Organic

is a very unique cherry tomato. It falls into the indeterminate variety and has a pale-yellow color. 


they are golden-orange colored and have a sweet rich flavor. They have a honey-like taste.

Italian ice

It has an ivory-white color and a sugary sweet flavor. It is an indeterminate variety and it matures in 65 days. 

Mountain magic hybrid

It is a disease-resistant, indeterminate variety. It also has a sweet taste. The maturity age is 70 to 80 days. 

Baby Boomer Hybrid

Sweet taste and heavy fruit-bearing crop. One plant can produce up to 300 fruits. It is a determinate tomato and grows in 50 to 55 days.  

Chadwick cherry organic

It is an indeterminate and disease-resistant variety of cherry tomatoes. The maturity time is 80 to 90 days. It has a sweet taste.  

Black pearl hybrid

It is an indeterminate plant. It matures in 65 days and it has a sweet taste. 

Sunrise bumblebee

it has a refreshing sweet and tangy flavor. This indeterminate plant requires 68 to 70 days to mature. 

Mighty sweet hybrid

it is a grape tomato and highly flavored and nutrient-rich cherry tomato. Its maturity age is 55 days. It is a determinate variety. 

Shimmer hybrid

it is an almond-shaped, gold-colored cherry tomato with green stripes over it. One plant produces 300 to 350 fruits in a season. This indeterminate plant needs 70 to 80 days to mature.    

Green envy

the riped fruit has a green color. It is an indeterminate plant and it grows in 60 to 70 days. 

Sweetheart of the patio hybrid

A best determinate variety for pots and containers. It is a disease-resistant plant and grows in 68 days. 

Napa grape hybrid

Indeterminate cherry tomato with a sweet taste. Mature in 65 days. 

Baxters bush cherry organic

a determinate, red-colored organic cherry tomato. Fully grows in 70 to 72 days. 

Cherry Roma

it has a sweet grape flavor. An indeterminate fruit takes 75 to 80 days to mature.

Sweetie organic

it is a deliciously sweet indeterminate variety that matures in 65 to 70 days. 

Bing Cherry

this is a juicy cherry tomato and is best for hot weather areas. They can survive droughts. 

Gold Nugget

yellow colored fruits are produced from this plant. They are determinate plants and are best for pots and containers. 

Bartelly F1

a red-colored fruit plant. It is also disease resistant. 

Tiny Tim

Determinate fruit plants that can grow well in containers. They are small as compared to other cherry tomato varieties.

Veranda red hybrid

this plant takes 55 to 60 days to mature. It is one of the best varieties to grow in small and limited spaces. It is different from other cherry tomatoes because of its short height which is only one foot tall and is very shorter than other cherry tomatoes. 


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