How to Plant Mr. Stripey Tomatoes

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Scientifically named Lycopersicon esculentum and commonly known as Mr. Stripey Tomato, this heirloom tomato plant produces beefsteak type tomato that contains high sugar contents and is colorful. Why on this earth would you not like to have one such plant in your home garden too? 

You are exactly in the right place as we shall be discussing in detail how to plant Mr. stripey tomatoes, and the factors needed to be taken care of during the growing process.  

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Mr Stripey Tomato

You must have come across many fruit and vegetable plants during your gardening experience up till now. But you might not have known about this amazing gift of nature. It has so many benefits that you would not only like it yourself but also will recommend it, and still, you will not be aware of its full-scale benefits.

What fruit is Mr. Stripey?

First of all, this plant will give a new look to your garden. Its growing speed and the fruit on it make it attractive and cool for the eyes to watch. It has a  big fruit that can weigh about one and a half to one pound. It has red dots and stripes on it which are added in its name also that’s why it’s known as Mr. Stripey.

Are Mr. Stripey tomatoes Good?

This fruit is eaten without adding anything to it. It has a very sweet taste and it is rich in sugar. It can be added to the diet as instant fruit. Keep in mind that it rarely has full stripes on it. And most of the time two fruits are completely different from one another.

It has other health benefits like all the tomatoes contain vitamin A and vitamin C. Also, this fruit can be used in many dishes but is usually eaten independently. It can be canned, and you can enjoy this gift of your own garden for the whole year.

Why Plant Mr. Stripey Tomatoes?

First of all, as a gardener, you will need a medium to little effort to tackle the Mr. Stripey tomato plants. You just need to make sure you provide enough water, fertilizer, and little care. Then you will get the result that will make you appreciate nature above and beyond.

How tall do Mr. Stripey tomato plants get?

Also, this plant doesn’t take time to produce and ripe the fruit. These tomatoes may take 85 to 90 days to mature properly. The plant has various uses which are already mentioned, which contribute to achieving a healthy life. Also, this plant grows up to 10 feet long and you can easily grow them on tomato cages or other support systems that you like.

As these plants grow higher and the fruit is also quite heavy, it needs support to grow properly. It is usually caged. Which makes a good support for it. It needs sunlight for almost 5 to 6 hours a day, which is plenty for this plant to grow effectively.

How to Grow Mr. Stripey Tomatoes Plants

Mr. Stripey tomato plants can be grown from the seeds as well as from the young plants, directly getting from the nurseries. If growing from the seeds you need to get the fully ripened Mr. Stripey tomato and get the seeds out of it.

Mr Stripey Tomato Seeds

First of all, you need to get Mr. Stripey Tomato. Allow it to get ripened. When it starts turning into pulp and seeds start to get out, clean the seeds and dry them. Ferment the seeds before you store them. This process will help you in getting clean and healthy seeds.

You can buy the seeds of Mr stripey tomatoes from here

Getting the Seeds of Mr. Stripey Tomatoes

Sowing the Mr. Stripey Tomato Seeds

Keep in mind the timing of sowing the seeds. Make sure the last frost of winter has passed. Mr. Stripey tomatoes can grow happily outside in all the USDA zones except zone 1. 

Get the container with a wide opening and add some good quality potting soil. Then spread the seeds of Mr. Stripey’s tomatoes and cover them with a thin layer of soil. Make sure the soil is moist. Add water after sowing the seeds.

Now as you will see the seeds germinating. Water them enough and get any weak seedlings out. It will create space for the healthy ones. If you are getting the plants from any nursery follow the instructions after this process.

Site Selection 

Before planting/transplanting the Mr. Stripey plants make careful decisions regarding the selection of sites for the plantation. This plant blooms happily and grows more when there is enough exposure to the sun.

It needs almost 6 to 8 hours of sunlight a day. The best temperature range for this plant is from 55 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit, which can be best achieved if it gets full sunlight. So, select the location keeping these conditions in mind.

Soil Preparation

Prepare the soil well. Till the soil and get the weeds out. The pH of the soil should be between 6.2 to 6.8. make sure the soil is well-drained, so that excess water may not cause problems for plants. Add the fertilizers to the soil, and also add the organic compost to the soil.

Tomatoes need fertilizer while transplantation and also after that stage. So make sure to provide the plant with needed fertilizers. Moisten the soil before transplanting the plants to the beds. This plant grows well in different types of soil. So you need not worry about the bad soil problems. All you need is to provide care and other necessary things needed by the plant.     

Transplanting the Mr. Stripey Tomato Plants

Now you can transplant the tomato plants into the soil. Make the holes deep enough so that the root ball can be covered. If you are planting the plant you have got from the nursery, then get the plant out of the packaging carefully so that the roots don’t get hurt.

Make sure the soil has enough moisture. Place the plant in the holes and add the soil to fill them. Press the soil gently around the roots of the tomatoes. Keep the distance of 36 to 48 inches among the plants so that the flow of the air is maintained properly and each plant gets the required space.


Add mulch around the roots of the plants. Mulch keeps the moisture level and keeps the weeds away. It will surely help in the smooth progress of the tomato plants.

Now the plants are set, add water to them frequently as the plant grows further.

Taking Care of Mr. Stripey Tomato Plants

As this is a fruiting plant, it needs little but consistent care.

Building the Cage

These tomato plants need a cage for support as well as for their protection. Build the cage around 6 feet high and around 23 to 25 inches wide. The cage can be cylindrical or square-shaped. Place the cage on the tomato plants and place the leaves in the wire mesh as they grow.

Watering the Mr. Stripey Tomato Plants

Make a consistent watering schedule to keep up with enough moisture. Water it enough to keep it moist. Letting the plants dry and watering the plants at once can cause problems for plants, especially for the fruit itself. While watering the plants keep the leaves of the plant dry.

Watering early in the morning can prevent diseases. This will help in avoiding the common infections of tomato plants.

Adding the Fertilizers to Tomato Plants

Tomatoes need a constant supply of fertilizers. Get the tomato fertilizer for this plant. Add the fertilizer when the fruit of Mr. Stripey is around the size of 1 inch. Also, add the fertilizers before the harvest season starts. You can add the fertilizers when you see the plant showing any sign of nutrition deficiency.

How do you prune Mr. Stripey tomatoes?

This plant doesn’t need the proper traditional pruning. You should cut the sucker leaves from the main plant. But keep the leaves that provide shade to the fruits. If there is a cluster of flowers at any one place, pinch some of the flowers so that there can be enough space for the tomato to swell enough.

When the plant is growing consistently, it will not have any of the suckers. These suckers might be the result of any inconsistency in watering or in adding fertilizers.

Mr Stripey Tomato Problems

There is one common disease which is known as Late Blight. This is a fungal disease. It can cause problems for leaves as well as the fruits. You can remove the affected plants from the site. It is usually caused by excess humidity. So, keep the airflow and humidity in smooth control.

The most effective remedies for the pest removal from Mr. Stripey’s tomatoes include picking them from the plants or using a sharp stream of water to knock the pests off the plant. You can also use the recommended pesticides as a remedy.

One important point to note, if there is overwatering, the fruit of Mr. Stripey might get cracked. Because after the dry period the plant takes the water, and the fruit gets swell. Still, the cracked Mr. Stripey tomato is edible. Just cut the cracked parts away. Then you are good to go.

So, Mr. Stripey Tomatoes not only provides the sense of the presence of a special plant in the garden but also provides a fruit that is very pleasing to the eyes and promising for health. This plant is such a great addition to the garden, because of its all aesthetic and healthy aspects.   

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