How to Plant Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

No matter where a human goes after the great advancement and progress, the true sense of nature cannot get out of it. Whether we humans build skyscrapers or cities under the ocean we always look for the very basic ingredient of nature, the Greenery. If you want the same, you need to know how to plant zenith zoysia grass seed.

Humans always try to attach themselves to nature through this very act of adopting greenery. From office tables and spaces to homes and large buildings it is a must. It is the most eye refreshing gift of nature. This is why we always want to be connected with it.

zenith zoysia lawn grass sod

Zenith Zoysia

Most of the time the grass is grown on the lawn or in the empty spots of the garden in order to cover the patches and to make it look good. Zenith zoysia grass also fulfills the basic conditions of planting grass in lawns or gardens.

This grass is mainly known for its ability to tolerate heat, heavy foot traffic, tolerate drought, and it can also face a variety of other challenges like pests and diseases. This grass is the product of three different types of grass which have resulted in such a quality.

Also, along with being grown in homes for beauty and a refreshing environment, the zenith zoysia grass is also grown on golf courses. It has great smoothness for golf balls, which ensures good play as well.

Why Grow Zenith Zoysia Grass

This grass will add to the beauty of the lawn or the home when grown. Along with that it will bring you close to nature and will be a treat for the eyes when it is in peak season. People have the opinion of having zenith zoysia is the best grass for homes, lawns, and gardens.

Zoysia Grass Characteristics

There are a lot of such characteristics which make the zenith zoysia grass ideal for all formats whether these are homes or sports areas. First of all, this grass is heat and drought-tolerant. It can withstand a severe amount of heat. It can survive when there is no, or low amount of water available.

Its blades grow densely. This quality makes a good bed in the area where the zenith zoysia grass is being grown. It also helps in managing the high foot traffic and playing on the grass. This grass can tolerate cold weather as well which makes it a priority among the variety of grasses.

Along with that, this grass requires minimum or no maintenance. Because it is genetically produced from three different plants, it has the ability to withstand weather conditions, diseases, and pests

The zenith zoysia grass has uniform color in its peak season as well as in the dormant season. Zenith zoysia grows best in the US hardiness zones of 6 to 11. It germinates and grows well in the sunlight. It is the early summer grass.

How To Plant Zenith Zoysia Grass Seed

Zenith zoysia can be grown from sods and plugs. But there are innovative seed offerings that are available which make the seeding of zoysia more effective. It is a slow grower. Growing through seeds would be a fine option.

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Measure the Area of Plantation for Grass

Before doing anything, you need to measure the area where you are going to grow the zenith zoysia grass. It will give you the idea of how much seed, organic composed matter/garden soil, or fertilizers will be needed to get the job done.

Also, it will help you in deciding your budget. You might like to postpone some patches for a time being.

Best Soil for Zoysia Grass

Zenith zoysia grows best in the soil having pH levels up to 5.8 to 6.5. you should test of soil in which grass has to be planted. The test will help in checking the pH as well as the essential nutrients reburied for the grass plantation.

After testing, add lime or any other ingredients to the soil to adjust the pH level. Also, add organic compost or chemical fertilizers to the soil to make up the required amount of nutrients. You can add different quantities according to the test report of soil.

Preparing the Soil for Grass Plantation

Now as the pH and the required nutrients for the zenith zoysia grass are balanced you need to prepare the soil for the plantation of the grass. Till the soil well and get any grass, or weeds out of it. Break the large chunks of soil, and then break the smaller ones too.

Keep the upper layer of soil loosened, use a soft rake for it.

Precaution for Preparation of Soil 

Don’t, Don’t, don’t use any herbicide at least 90 days before the plantation of seeds to eliminate the weeds and grass. It will kill the seeds which you will sow in the future. It will reduce the rate of germination. So, take the weeds and other stuff out while tilling the soil for bed preparation.

Seeding Zoysia Grass

Now as the soil is fully prepared, it’s time to spread the seeds. You should spread the seeds after the last frost of the winter. Use the spreader to spread the seeds. You can use a cyclone-type spreader. Divide the seeds into two parts. Go east-west and north-south twice. It will ensure homogenous seeding.

You can use a handheld spreader which is not so much expensive. Don’t mix the seed with the soil after spreading. There is no way to mix the zenith zoysia seeds homogenously. 

1 lb. seed is enough for 1000 square feet of the soil bed. You would have measured the area in the first step.  

Ensuring Seed and Soil Contact

After seeds are spread, you should use soft raking to ensure the seed-soil contact. This layer should be very thin. If you are not doing this, you can roll the drum over the bed and cover it with wheat straw. The straw cover should be thin so that young seedlings are not covered.

Some people suggest no raking or straw cover. They suggest that sunlight will ensure good germination. You can use whatever you want. But the earlier mentioned method is followed most of the time. Which has been resulting quite a success over time.

Zenith Zoysia Grass Care

Taking care of zenith zoysia grass is quite easy. This is its main quality which makes it preferable most of the time. Once established you will need to have little or no care. Even before establishing the seedlings, it requires minimum care.

Zoysia Grass Seed Germination Time

Water the soil bed immediately after the sowing. Zenith zoysia takes 14 to 21 days to germinate. In the meantime, you will need to keep the area moist. You will have to water the soil bed 4 to 5 times a day. It will not take a lot of time. Avoid overwatering or run-off water.

After the seedlings have emerged reduce the frequency of the watering. Water the grass only as needed according to weather conditions. 

Weed/Pest Control After Seeding the Zenith Zoysia Grass

You can use herbicides or pesticides according to the directions of horticulturists. 2,4-D herbicides are safe when used according to instructions. Most of the time there are no weeds or pests because this grass has quite a resistance to it. It usually comes over any disease if the nutrients provided are balanced.

 By the way, mowing is the best control for weeds.

Soil insects such as grubs, mole crickets, or billbugs can cause problems sometimes. You can consult local lawn experts to remove these pests.

Mowing the Zenith Zoysia Grass 

You should wait for the time to allow the grass to develop some strong roots. Wait until the grass has grown up to 2.5 inches. After that, you should start mowing the grass. Keep the grass height up to 1 to 1.5 inches. This will give the golf course look. 

Filling the Bare/ Empty Patches

There can be bare or empty patches in the zenith zoysia grass. These patches may be the result of uneven nutrition of the soil, the uneven spread of seed, or maybe because of unexpected weather conditions. You can fill these patches easily.

You just have to follow the same process. Make sure to first clean the patch before spreading seeds in it. Then you have to water it after the seedlings have grown up to 2.5 inches, then you can mow the patches as well.

In short, the zenith zoysia grass is a great addition to your home, lawn, or garden settings. Even if it is a golf course. It will not only create a great scene by being a great treat to the eyes but also it will lighten up the surrounding space as well.

Because of its good foot traffic management, and ability to survive in harsh conditions, it will provide a great platform for you to spend good times there with family, pets, and friends.

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