How to Grow Roma Tomatoes in Containers

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Here you get a blog on how to plant or grow amazing Roma tomatoes in a container or a pot for the full growing season. We are going to discuss key methods or crucial tips.

a roma tomato plant having green colored tomatoes near ripening stage

What are Roma tomatoes?

If you want delicious tomatoes for sauces and canning purposes, Then yes, you have to choose Roma tomatoes with no confusion.


Roma tomatoes have soupy flesh, thick fruit skin, and rare seeds as compared to other tomatoes like beef steak tomatoes. They also contain less water content as compared to other tomatoes, which have a pulpy composition.

Scientific name

The scientific name for the Roma plant is Solanum Lycopersicum ‘Roma’.

Belong to the nightshade family of the kingdom Plantae.

Common names for Roma tomatoes

The second most commonly used name for Roma tomatoes is also known as “Plum tomatoes.” These oval-shaped plum tomatoes are traditional tomatoes used for different purposes.


Roma tomatoes’ sizes vary, but commonly, they have small sizes, usually larger than grape and cherry fruit. You can say it’s a small fruit with all the essential ingredients.

Is Roma fruit or a vegetable?

This is a member of the berry family, so, like all other tomatoes, the Roma tomato is a fruit that is grown throughout the world. It is named after Italy’s capital.

Uses of Roma tomatoes in daily life

These tomatoes are a significant, healthy source of taste in your kitchen. In the cooking process, it will give a thick and tasty sauce that can also be used as a sauce or tomato paste

It is an amazing fruit, having colorful skin with a fresh look to give an ultimate attraction to your garden. For example, yellow and oval red.

Nutritional Importance

Vitamin C:

These tomatoes are the best source of vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid, and are used in the growth and development of the human body and its immune system.


It is also an important source of potassium, which is used as a supplement. It helps to protect or maintain fluid levels inside our body cells.

Other nutrients:

It also has some beneficial nutrients that are significant for immunity and vision. Its use also lowers your risk of different cancers.

Is growing Roma tomatoes in pots possible?

If you have a seed or seedling, soil, and water, then yes, you can grow Roma tomatoes in a container or pot. Simple and easy. 

Outdoor planting of Roma plants

If you have enough space, you can grow Roma plants outdoors by putting the container anywhere outside. For best results, they can be cultivated in a greenhouse from early May and outdoors from mid-May.

Indoor planting of Roma plants

We have different types of Roma plants that can grow upwards to 10 feet, so the variety you choose for indoor planting should be based on the plant’s growth size.

Example: For this, the red robin plant is the best option because it’s a micro-dwarf plant without an expansion trellis system.

Outdoor planting VS indoor planting: which one is better?

Both outdoor planting and indoor planting of Roma plants are of great benefit. You can grow healthy and nutritional plants in both garden spaces or in a container.

Types of Roma tomatoes

beautiful red roma tomatoes grown in a home garden

One amazing thing is that you have six incredible types of Roma tomatoes that you can grow in your garden in a container or a pot. They are given below:

Sunrise sauce

They are sweet and ideal for making tomato paste.


It is flavorful and nurtures large tomatoes.


It is a tomato with a bright red color. It has a remarkable expansion on free grounds.

San Marzano tomato

It is also used in sauce preparation because it has a delicious taste and is also used in different salad toppings. 

Martino’s Roma tomatoes

They are delicious, rarely dark red tomatoes.

Plum regal

These are flavorful, red Roma tomatoes that have good immunity to many diseases.


These delicious tomatoes will reach a foot tall and so on. So it’s a feasible plant if you are thinking of indoor planting.

Step-by-step guidelines to raise Roma tomatoes In Containers

Follow the following steps to give rise to healthy Roma tomatoes.

  • Firstly, take or collect the collect seed.  Sow the seed at the right time.
  • Select a sunny place for your container.
  • Select a well-drained container.
  • After the first frost date, put the Roma tomatoes in a container.
  • Cover the container with organic soil.
  • After two to three days, keep watering.
  • By simply following these steps and some other instructions as discussed below, you can easily grow Roma plants.

Soil requirements for growing Roma tomatoes in containers

The following are some steps that help grow Roma tomatoes:

  • The soil should have organic matter like humus, manure, etc.
  • The soil should be nicely drained and have direct access to light.

Instructions before growing Roma tomatoes in the container

You should follow some instructions before growing Roma in the container

  • This plant needs a lot of sunlight, so keep in mind that your container should be placed in an open area where plants obtain the maximum amount of sunlight.
  • If you want to grow Roma tomatoes 3 months before the last frost, then you have to grow seedlings for them.
  • The soil should not be drenched too extensively.
  • If you are growing Roma tomatoes from seed, then you should plant them in a container and not on the ground so that the seed can easily grow into seedlings.
  • Keep in mind the Frost date = Average day temperature becomes equal to 0 °C
  • You have to use a 15-inch container with a minimum of 4 to 5 drainage holes.
  • The container should be filled with organic matter.
  • Roma plants should be grown vertically. It will give rise to a juicy plant and help the plant get enough light to grow properly.
  • Providing enough water to enhance moisture while planting will help to grow the root system properly and also affect the growth of plants in an efficient way.

Roma tomato plant care

  • You should sow the seed deep into the soil.
  • The temperature should be 66°F to 90°F.
  • Don’t start your tomatoes too early in the season, as they are highly sensitive to frost.
  • When the true leaves appear, thin out the seedlings.

The problem of pests

Sometimes, in a few situations, caterpillars will start living around your Roma tomatoes in search of food. Although these caterpillars are not very harmful to your plant, they will destroy your plant’s appearance.

The look of your plant will be disturbed once caterpillars start growing because they will eat the leaves, which makes them look rough. So if you see these bugs around your plant,  just take them and thrash them at some other place.

When is your Roma tomato plant ready to harvest?

After all, the preparation here is the main point when our Roma tomato plant is ready or ripe, For this purpose, color is the reasonable pointer. When the tomatoes turn red, it means they’re ready to be used. All of the fruits will ripen in that period.


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