Planting Strawberries in 5-gallon Buckets

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There are special types of almost all the plants, which have been developed to be grown in the containers. They survive and grow well in the containers. The same is with the strawberries. We are going to discuss how to plant strawberries in a 5-gallon bucket.

When you are involved in gardening, it is such a hobby that keeps gaining interest. Many gardeners have said that once they got into gardening they always tried to do more. They always went for trying something new, or they extended the space and garden which already they have.

It is because when you jump into gardening, you start enjoying it, and when you start enjoying any of the hobbies a person always tries to make it or develop it in such a way that it is enjoyable all the time. That’s why people g for extended gardening spaces or go for containers.

Like if they don’t have space on the land, in their gardening space they try to do it in containers or buckets. Or also, those who don’t have a space on the and go for container gardening. This type of gardening is not much difficult. You can go for it easily.

Strawberries plants growing in two 5 bucket gallons

Why plant Strawberries?

Most of the time people go for containers or buckets when they don’t have enough space in their garden beds. Or they want to try the plantation in the containers because they can move them easily. You can plant strawberries in a 5-gallon bucket easily.

It is because strawberries are plants that have shallow roots. It can be grown in containers or buckets. Need is you just have to make sure that the plant and the bucket meet some of the basic requirements. Once the requirements are met, you can easily go for the plantation of the strawberries. In short, you would be able to get good fruit and results.

Strawberries can grow in most parts of the united states. These plants are hardy in the US hardiness zones of 3 to 10. It also depends on the variety of strawberry plants that you going to plant. Once planted rightly according to the standard procedure you can simply enjoy it.

Planting strawberries is beneficial and enjoyable. It is because it is thought that strawberries can grow only in commercial zones, or individuals cannot grow or enjoy them. It is not the case, you can plantation of strawberries. You can plant it, take care of it, and enjoy the fruit as well.

Types of the Strawberries plants

There are many types of berries. You will be able to observe that even strawberries have many types also. These varieties of strawberries are according to an area of the plantation, or also according to the fruit-bearing habits/cycle.

That’s why all types of strawberries are not fit for container planting, you can choose from some of them. Choosing from the varieties which are sure to grow and fruit will benefit you. Because otherwise your efforts might slip into vain as the strawberries might not bear fruit, or might not grow well.

The strawberry plants which bear fruit in the seasons like June produce fruit early in the growing season. These types of plants also focus on producing runners as well. It is not good for the plants which are to be planted in the bucket, as there will be no space for the runners in the bucket.

The day-neutral varieties are good for container planting. They produce and bear fruit throughout the growing season. These strawberries can produce fruit two times a year and grow fewer amount runners than June-bearing strawberries. These are good for container planting.

Another type of strawberries is alpine strawberries. These strawberries produce a good amount of fruit throughout the growing season and don’t produce runners at all. So, these are also a good choice to be planted in the 5-gallon bucket.

Container/ Bucket selection for planting strawberries

You are going to use the 5-gallon bucket to plant a strawberry plant. It is good because it will provide enough space and depth for the plants and roots which is necessary for them to grow steadily. A 5-gallon bucket is enough for a strawberry plant to grow well.

The main thing in the container is the drainage system. It is because when there is more water in a bucket, you would see there is a problem with waterlogging. The roots of the strawberry plants will start rotting and finally, the plant will be no more.

Whether you are a plastic bucket or any other bucket made of any material, just make sure drainage is good. Choose the bucket with the holes. So that the excess water gets out and the strawberry plants grow well.

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Start Strawberry Planting Process

As of now, you know the type of strawberry you are going to plant, as well as about the place, which is a bucket. You would have chosen the right bucket. Now it’s time to plant the strawberries.

Placement of the 5-gallon bucket

Place the bucket in a good sunny space. As strawberries are green plants, and also bear good fruit. They need a good amount of sunlight to survive well. Strawberries need at least 6 hours of direct sunlight in a day. It will be having a maximum benefit for them.

Place the bucket at a place, which is not so much accessible to pets, if you have pets at home. Make it stable so that if anyone tries to touch it should not fall. It must be in view so that you can have good care of the strawberries planted.

Filling the bucket

As the strawberries are not such a deep-rooted plant, you just need to add gravel first. Then add the layer of potting soil or the garden soil. Add the potting or the garden soil till 3 to 4 inches are left. This whole will serve the strawberries fully in the 5-gallon bucket.

Also, add the organic composed matter to the soil. it will fulfill the necessary nutrient requirement of the strawberry plants. You would be able to serve the well through this. If your potting soil or the garden soil is good and rich in nutrients, then it is not needed. Just add the soil and jump for the next step of the plantation.

Strawberries in the 5-gallon bucket

As now the bucket s ready, it’s time to plant the strawberry in it. First, make the soil moist. It will help the roots to align themselves with the soil easily and quickly. Once the Soil is moistened now you have to dig a small hole. This hole should be wide and deep enough so that it can accommodate the roots.

So that the roots might not get damaged. Once the hole is ready, now you can add the strawberry plant to it. Transplant the plant of the strawberry in the hole and fill it gently with the soil. make sure that there is a hard stone in the soil being used to fill the hole.

Once the hole is filled, tap the soil gently. It will make sure that every corner is filled correctly. Also, add water to the plant. This will also set the soil in the right spot and will make the instant water requirement of the strawberry plant fulfilled.

Now as you have planted the strawberry plant, it is easy to take care of. You just need to follow some basic steps, and you are good to go. It will grow at its own pace.

Taking care of the Strawberry plants in the Bucket

growing strawberry plant

About watering make sure you don’t overwater the plants. Just add the water to keep up with the moisture. In short, you can say water often then watering more. It will avoid water logging, as well as it will make sure that the basic water requirements of the strawberry plants are met.

In the case of fertilizers, add the diluted fertilizers. Solve the fertilizers in the water then add the solution to the soil where the strawberries are being planted. Add fertilizers to the strawberry plants when they are bearing fruits, or they look not in a good condition.

Pests and diseases of strawberries are subject to the area of the plantation. If you see any symptoms related to pests or diseases, contact the local horticulturists. You will ultimately find a very good solution.

In a nutshell, strawberries in the 5-gallon buckets are easier and more enjoyable to plant. You need to follow just basic gardening steps and you would be able to get the strawberries planted and fruit. Which you can easily enjoy and also can share.

Moreover, the care of the strawberries is not such hectic as it seems. Yes, these plants are fragile and care should be taken especially after the fruit-bearing season.

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