Best Raised Garden Beds For Vegetables

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Looking for a perfect raised garden bed for your next vegetable crop? you landed in a right place. We have a list of some of the raised garden beds that can be used very efficiently to grow veggies. We reviewed some of the top picks and below is the detail of all of them.

Here is our list

Keter Urban Bloomer 12.7 Gallon Raised Garden Bed

Made of resin and propylene Keter Urban Bloomer is one of the best-raised garden beds available and this one is also on top of our best-raised garden beds list. Available in the dark gray color with the urban bloom style. This is a special raised garden bed because it is heavy-duty. It has a lot of room for soil, which is incredibly good for the vegetables to grow smoothly.

Also, it has dedicated shelves which makes it possible to grow more than one vegetable at a time. It has a special water gauge installed in it which indicates the minimum levels of water in beds.

It also has a water drainage system this makes sure that there is no water logging and other diseases among the vegetables caused by the excess water.

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This raised gardening bed is designed in such a way that anyone can assemble and disassemble it easily. This quality makes its movability easy. It has a dedicated space under the shelves which can be used for tools and other accessories of gardening. Also, this is light and specially designed for urban living. That is why it is easy to move. You can also add wheels to it to make mobility easier. This raised gardening bed is true value to money. 

FOYUEE Raised Planter Box

2nd on our list is the Foyuee raised vegetable planter box, made of galvanized steel. This is a strong metal which makes this raised vegetable planter long-lasting. It has a black color which is most of the time the favorite color of people and also a good contrast with many of the other colors. This raised garden bed is rectangular shaped and more than eight inches deep which makes it capable to hold more than 2.5 cubic feet of soil.

It provides enough soil for the nourishment of the vegetables. The elevated style bed has perfect height according to the required relaxed gardening without bending. It has a dedicated shelf for tools and other accessories, right under the bed. Being made of metal, along with an anti-rust coating makes it an ideal raised bed that can survive all of the weather.

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Also, there is a dedicated drainage hole that will help prevent waterlogging and other water-borne diseases of vegetables. Moreover, it is easy to assemble. Also, this raised planter has two wheels on one side. This quality makes the movability of the planter easy. Its easy setup makes it an ideal raised bed for gardeners of all ages. Its ergonomic design makes it one of the best raised garden beds available.

4Ft Vertical Raised Garden Bed – 5 Tier Food Safe Planter Box

On a third spot and the true value for money is this raised gardening bed for the vegetables. Available in green, brown, and grey colors this gardening bed is made of propylene and plastic. This rectangular-shaped raised garden bed is light in weight, weather-resistant, and ultraviolet resistant. It is rust-resistant also.

The main quality is its shape and structure. It is a 5-tier raised gardening bed and it also creates a great scene and sense of planting vegetables. It is important to note that all tiers can contain enough soil which is sufficient for the plantation of vegetables. These bins are food graded. They are safe to use.

Also, the design of this bed is ergonomically good. You can access all the tiers easily standing within good working height. These ties give the chance to plant different vegetables at the same time. This design is good for senior citizens.

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Also, speaking of tiers, the built quality is quite good. It can be moved easily indoors or outdoor. Because of tiers, people might think it is complex to assemble. But it is not. You can assemble this raised gardening bed easily. Instructions are available. Because of tiers, there is no space for tools. But this is truly one of the best-raised gardening beds.

Emsco Group 2345 City Raised Bed Grow Box

Pick number 4. Available in earthly brown color, this raised gardening bed is amazingly under budget. This is a small, but powerful package. It is rectangular-shaped mobile raised gardening bed. You can change its position according to the required sunlight by the variety of vegetables. You can say it is your step toward modern gardening.

This raised bed can contain a good amount of soil, which is enough to plant vegetables smoothly. It has a self-watering and air supply system. It can supply water to the vegetables being planted, and also have drainage holes to avoid overwatering. The air supply system ensures a good supply of oxygen which boosts the growth of vegetables with less effort.

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This bed is a great space saver. You can place it on any raised structure or deck. It can be moved easily. The structure and the mulch cover in it help in avoiding the germination and growth of weeds.

Besides having some advanced systems inside, this raised gardening bed is easy to assemble because of its clever design. Also, it has a stand available if you want to raise it from its original height. It will take the bed to a good standing working height. This gardening bed is advanced and valuable. It has no space for tools.

ONCEMORE Metal Raised Garden Beds

In our 5th position, this raised gardening bed is made of alloy steel. The use of this metal makes it strong and more long-lasting than woody raised gardens. This bed is available in two colors green and grey. It is rectangular shaped, and it is mounted outside.

This is a large planter; it provides a lot of space to grow vegetables. Also, a good amount of soil can be contained inside it. This raised garden does not have legs. It has an open bottom. This is good that the roots of the vegetables will grow smoothly in the soil and there will be no issues in the drainage of water.

This bed is made eco-friendly so that no human, plant, or any pet can get harmed by it. Moreover, it is easy to assemble. Anyone can do it.

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There are some negative sides to this bed. There is no dedicated space for tools, which some people might find odd. Also. It has no legs you might have to bend for sowing and taking care of vegetables. Also, alloy steel is not good as galvanized steel. It might get rusted after some period of time. The edges are sharp. Carefully set the beds while assembling them.

Sunnydaze Raised Metal Garden Bed

At 6 comes the traditionally designed like a pot, sunny daze-raised gardening beds that are square-shaped silver-colored beds. These beds are like a pot but made of special galvanized steel. This metal is long-lasting and has anti-rust abilities in it. This quality makes this bed ideal for surviving any weather. Its side panels are quite thick, but also the corners are 100 percent thicker than the panels. It is durable and easy to assemble, anyone can assemble it.

As it is deep, it promotes healthy roots of the vegetables being planted in it. Also, as it is small and square-shaped, it can be placed on various sites.

There are some of the qualities which people usually expect from raised gardening beds but those are not available in this bed.

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It has no dedicated space for any tools or gardening accessories. As it is small and has no legs you can put it on the raised structures in your garden and grow your vegetables in it. There is no drainage also. If placed on the ground, you have to bend to sow and take care of the vegetables. It is a good planter bed for gardeners of early-stage to grow the vegetables on a small testing scale. It is light and durable. Also, there is one year warranty there.

ASSR Fabric Raised Garden Bed, 135 Gallon 8 Holes Rectangle

Number 7: ASSR branded, this raised garden bed is made of fabric with inside and outside mounting. This is a special heavy-duty fabric that is ultraviolet resistant and durable for years. It is a non-woven fabric because of this quality it provides proper airflow to the soil and the roots of the plants. This quality helps in draining excess amount of moisture in the soil. It is water-resistant and corrosion-free.

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It is easy to operate as it can be folded easily. If you want to grow indoor or outdoor just take the bed and unfold it. Fill it with fresh soil and you are good to go. Also, in winter you don’t need to fill your storeroom space. Just empty the soil out of raised bed and pack it.

On the other hand, it doesn’t have any space for tools. To move it either you have to use two or three people or empty the soil out of it as it doesn’t have a stand or wheels. It holds too much soil and might get floppy because of it. Sometimes partitions are difficult to hold so you have to take care of them. Also, as per height, you will have to sit while working on it. It is known for its durability and sturdiness.

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