How to Plant Narcissus Bulbs Indoor

Not every bulb is made for outdoor sowing and growing. Sometimes people make mistakes by growing bulbs outdoors and get nothing in the season of spring. If you want to decorate your home with white flowers having a strong fragrance then you need to know how to plant narcissus bulbs indoors.

Narcissus Bulbs

Narcissus bulbs usually grow in the form of clusters. These plants have white, yellow, and orange-red flowers. But most of the time the white-flowered narcissus plants are preferred by the gardeners. These plants are known for their musky smell.

As mentioned earlier, because of their flower’s decorative shape and strong smell, they are one of the most preferred indoor bulbs. These plants are easy to grow as they require only a pot, water to just keep up the moisture, and a bright window for their light requirement to grow. You need to just take care of these aspects and then you are good to go.

Can you grow narcissus indoors?

These can be grown outdoors where temperatures are warm. But the best way of planting and growing narcissus bulbs is growing them indoors in a pot or some container. growing them outdoors is not successful in areas with harsh winter weather. It might get along with the hot weather conditions.

Growing Narcissus Bulbs

Narcissus bulbs are grown indoors. Their fragrance and white color make them the best choice as an indoor ornamental plant. They are mostly used for decorative purposes.

These plants are easygoing. They can be grown by a couple of methods. You can grow them directly in the soil, in some container, or in a pot. Either way, you can also grow them effectively in water only. Using a glass vase or a jar having a few pebbles only. We will discuss both of them in detail.

Growing Narcissus Bulbs in the Soil

Narcissus bulb plants can be grown in the soil. This culture of growing plants in the soil doesn’t cost so much and is also an effective method of growing them.

Choosing the Container & the Soil

Choose the soil which is good for gardening. Add the mixture of mild fertilizers or composted organic matter to ensure enough nutrients in the soil. While selecting the container make sure it has a few drainage holes. Because more water in the sowing stage of bulbs can cause problems for the bulbs.

You can also get the soil that is commercially available or use your own organic soil, whichever you want. Choosing the pot or container which is made of clay could be more beneficial. Because it will keep the moisture up to the optimal level which is required for the good growth of narcissus bulbs.

Setting the Narcissus Bulbs

Get the narcissus bulbs, which are going to bloom in winter. These are known as winter flowering bulbs. Such narcissus bulbs are sold on gardening sites, you may buy them online. Set these bulbs in the pot or a container. But sure to put enough soil under the bulbs which are required to grow.

How deep do you plant a narcissus bulb?

Set the narcissus bulbs on the top of the soil. Make sure the bulbs are set in the line and are not touching each other. Then use the soil to bury the bulbs. Make sure that the tip of the bulbs is out of the soil, around one inch out. They also must be inside and under the lid of the container.

Watering the Narcissus Bulbs

Do I need to water narcissus bulbs?

Add water to the bulbs which are just planted. Before the plantation, make sure to moisten up the soil. You have to keep the layer of soil moist. keep providing water up to one inch every week. If there is excess water already, make sure to not water till the soil is drained properly. Add more water only after checking the moisture with your finger or some other way.

Light Requirement for the Narcissus Bulbs

Sunlight is required for indoor plants for the steady growth and sharpness in colors and flowers. The same is the case with narcissus bulbs. Keep the containers in the place where it gets sunlight. The best place is near some bright windows. Actually, it is suggested that the kitchen windows play a good role as a greenhouse too.

Following the Schedule

Follow the watering and light schedule. Make sure that they must not get overwatered before the bulbs are germinated. Because excess water might cause rot in the bulbs. Follow the light schedule because narcissus bulbs need light to grow.

There is one interesting fact about the narcissus bulbs plant. If you add alcohol to the water which is being given to the plant, you will get the more compact plant. It will bloom good flowers, and the fragrance of the flower will be muskier and stronger.

Growing Narcissus Bulbs in the Pebbles & Water

Can you plant narcissus bulbs in water?

Narcissus bulbs plants can be grown in the water and pebbles. They grow well in this culture also. It is quite easy to grow in pebbles and water because it gets more transparent and clearer. So you can also manage them easily by watching every growth stage.

Choosing the Container

Choose the container that is about 4 to 5 inches deep. It could be a glass jar or some vase.  Then add the layer of pebbles or gravel whichever you want up to 2 inches. Make sure it is clean and fresh.

Positioning the Bulbs

Position the bulbs with their ends up to the lid of the container. Add another layer of the pebbles to fill the gaps and cover the bulbs. Adjust the bulbs in such a way that they must not have any contact with each other or even the sides of the jar or a container. 

Adding Water to the Bulbs

Adding water very carefully is important. Add the water to the level which reaches only to the base of the bulb. To this level, water will get the bulbs to produce the roots. Above this level, it may cause the rots in the narcissus bulbs.

Rooting of Bulbs

Roots will start to grow after keeping them in water. Keep it in the cool place where they get the temperature up to 65 degrees Fahrenheit. keep the eye on the water level. Don’t let it go under the base level. Because it will go down through evaporation and absorption. Add more when needed.

Sunlight & Bloom

When you see that the roots are developing, place the pot in sunlight. The more sunlight the better it would be. Make sure it doesn’t get overheated. Keeping near the window having indirect sunlight will fulfill the need. You will not need to move it.

After the bulls start to bloom, make sure they keep getting the required sunlight. This is also important if you want to keep the flower fresh for a long time. It needs light to bloom and spread fragrance for a longer period of time.

Whether it is soil or pebbles and water, narcissus bulbs are good to grow in both conditions. It not only decorates the place where it is grown but also fills the place with its best aroma. Try to get the bulb or a plant that is bigger in size, because it blooms more and stands alone on its own.

These plants are grown in clusters as they look good, and support each other. The stem and roots of the narcissus bulb in the soil are usually stronger than those which are grown in pebbles and water.

Taking Care of Narcissus Bulbs Plants

Every plant in a garden, whether it is indoor or outdoor needs care to be taken for effective growth and bloom. Narcissus bulbs are no exception. They need little less care than others that’s why they are preferred over many other indoor plants. Some instructions are needed to be followed for the steady growth of plants.

To prevent the narcissus bulbs from getting floppy, you need to give them a good drink. As mentioned earlier, when water is mixed with alcohol, they bloom good, last longer, and have a strong smell. It helps in steady growth and keeps the narcissus bulbs firm.

Placing the pot or a container is important. Because when exposed to sunlight, the narcissus bulbs lean towards the source of light. Temperature for this plant between 55to 65 degrees Fahrenheit is ideal. It doesn’t need more.

Can narcissus bulbs be reused?

The narcissus bulb plant bloom for one to two weeks. It will last for a longer time if it is managed well with respect to watering and exposure to sunlight. After the bloom, you can discard the bulbs because they will not bloom again. If you want to plant them outside, they will follow the bloom cycle.

These plants will lead to not only good addition to the garden, but also will attract people. It is a showstopper because when it blooms in clusters it attracts a lot of attention. It may result in new acquaintances because people will get into it with the grower. 


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