How to Grow White Truffle Mushrooms Indoor

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Do you love little umbrellas used for decoration purposes? The same is the case with nature. Nature has bestowed us with little umbrella-like structures known as mushrooms and one of them is the white truffle mushroom. These are quite pleasant to see and tasteful to eat.

What about growing mushrooms and getting profit from them? If you are a fellow gardener who just loves to try and experiment with new things in your home garden, this article is surely for you. Therefore we shall be discussing in detail how to grow white truffle mushrooms indoors.

Types of Mushrooms

There are many types of mushrooms. In fact, these are the type of fungus. Mushrooms grow typically on the ground, on their food source, or on the soil. Mushrooms are good for health, in fact, some are good whereas others are dangerous too.

Most types of these mushrooms are edible. Above all their earthly smell which gets good with several preservations and cooking techniques is the main motivation behind their demand. People like them because of their taste and smell, for example, White truffles.

Mushrooms as Eating Delicacy

Mushrooms are found in all parts of the world but white mushrooms are rare. In fact, some of its varieties are too rare and it becomes a supply and demand problem.

These rare types of mushrooms are usually found in Europe. Mushrooms are treated as eating delicacies. Because of their huge growing demand, people are pondering on the fact that they can be domesticated or not.

Profiting from Mushrooms

The growing system for mushrooms can be profitable for individuals as well as for a business. There is a simple thing, which is care. It takes a lot of care. Mushrooms have a potential for growth as some of their types like white truffles are rare and in huge demand. 

How much is a white truffle worth?

As there is a huge demand for varieties like white truffles, which is the reason they can be sold for almost 2000 dollars to almost 6000 dollars per kg. We would like to focus on white truffles, like what it is and how to domesticate them and earn from them.

White Truffle Mushroom

White truffle mushrooms are also known as the diamond of the kitchen. Their aroma attracts people who like this eating delicacy. Certainly, their strong earthy smell can raise the experience of trying them to a neat level. They have a knobby shape which is an irregular, pale creamy color, and firm flesh on them.

Where to find White Truffles

They grow on the roots of the trees, as a system of nature there is something. There is give and take. They give something to the trees and get their food from these trees’ roots. For example, they will be getting food from hazel roots if you find them there.

What trees do white truffles grow under?

White truffles are usually found on the roots of trees. But they grow only a few inches and are difficult to find. There are some trees on the roots of which white truffles are found. These include Beech, Poplar, Hornbeam, Chestnut, Hazel, Oak, Birch, and Pine.

How to find White Truffles

As we mentioned white truffles grow a few inches down the soil, so it is difficult for human beings to spot them easily. For that purpose, animals are used. Specially trained dogs who are acquainted with truffle smell from their puppyhood, identify truffles, and then humans recover them. 

On the other hand, it has been found that pigs also like white truffles like humans. Pigs are also used to find the white truffles. Especially female pigs, who are very good with their scent, find the white truffles easily and humans get it from there.

Why White Truffles?/Uses of White Truffles

White truffles are known for their earthly smell and taste. People buy them because they love them and want to enjoy them. Eating white truffles with eggs, and pasta or eating these as they are giving the unforgettable flavor.

The white truffles are the true fruit of mother earth. Actually, words written to describe the pungent smell and taste of white truffles don’t do justice to them. You would only understand this once you try and taste it. 

How to Grow White Truffle Mushrooms

Can you grow white truffles at home?

As we know there have been efforts to domesticate the white truffles. As for their origin, these white truffles grow on the roots of trees like Oak, etc. People have been trying to grow these truffles. Yes, you can grow them at home, as there are some methods that have been developed so far to grow white truffles.

Here are a few of the methods which have been quite successful in this regard. But we will start with the advanced one.

Using a Growing Kit for Growing White Truffles Indoors

Can you grow white truffles indoors?

Yes, you can grow the white truffles indoors by using the growing kit and following these steps.

Get the Right Kit

For this purpose, first of all, we have to find a kit. As we have the intention to grow the white truffles, we will get the kit for it. These kits are easily available on the internet. Make sure you get the right one because some kits are designed to grow the truffles outside on the roots of the host trees.

Inoculate the layer

You will have to check whether the Layer Cover where truffles will grow is inoculated(Vaccinated) with Truffle spores or not. If it is not then get the jar, add the layer and inoculate it with the syringe. Keep it in a dark place at 21C to 25C. Shake it well to make it even.

Following instructions & Watering

Keep following the instructions given in the kit to avoid any complications. Also, add water through a bottle or use a spray to moisten the layer where the white truffles are being grown. This will be a start for the truffle garden.

Keeping Clean & Placement

Wash the layer if it is directed in the instruction given for the kit. Keep the truffle jar always covered with a lid or something nonporous. Because it will help in avoiding any contamination from the air. Keep the kit in a dark place where the temperature is 70-to-77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Care & Crop

How long does it take to grow white truffles?

Keep the kit in your utmost care. Make sure that the layer of the white truffles gets enough moisture. You can expect your crop of white truffles in 5 to 8 years, yep that’s a lot of time but worth it in the end.

Growing Truffles through Inoculated Sapling

Get the Right Sapling

As we know from the basics of the white truffles as they grow on the roots of trees most of the time. So, it’s the best way to grow them on tree saplings. Inoculated saplings can easily be found on the internet or at some plant store near you. Choose birch or any other sapling which is easy to nurture indoors.

Test & Select the Planter

Select a planter that is between 17 to 23 inches. Because this planter size will be enough to provide the essential nutrients to the sapling and for the growth of truffles. Test the pH of the soil of the planter as well. Use advanced techniques to get pH right. Keep in view the long-term growth of the white truffles in it.

Filling the Planter

Fill the bottom half of the planter with the half-half mixture of gravel and soil. Also, we know white truffles need moisture to grow. Well-mixed soil and gravel will help in providing the necessary moisture to the sapling to grow the truffles.

Putting the Sapling & Covering it

Put the sapling of a plant in the planter. The mixture added in the first place should be having the main root. This is important to get enough moisture. Carefully spread the roots of the sapling in the planter so truffles can grow over them. Fill the rest with soil and tap it to cover all the spots completely.

Harvesting & Cultivating the White Truffles

Cultivating the white truffles requires great care and effort. you will not be able to get the intended crop of white truffles unless you assure proper care and effort. Keep this in mind, you should be ready to take care and take the necessary precautions to get a crop successfully.

Whether it is a kit or a sapling you need to take care of important things. Place it in sunlight for 6-7 hours. Keep the temperature and moisture level always right. Keep checking the soil for Ph, and truffles crops as well.

Harvesting white truffles is a very demanding process. Use your hand to get to these. Take them out and keep them in a separate closed pot to use afterward. Always wash truffles thoroughly before using them for eating. If these are very spongy, avoid eating them. They are of no use.

In this way, after growing the white truffles in an efficient and effective way without wasting much time, energy and money, you can get the true gift of nature. After harvesting these crops of white truffles, you can approach any high-end market or restaurant to sell. White truffles are in high demand therefore they are always welcomed at such places.  


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