How to Grow Yuzu Tree

Want a citrus family plant in your home garden? Mother nature has been very kind to us in this regard. There are many types of citrus fruits,  grown according to climate and land all over the world. But if you want very eye-catching, tasty, and somehow rare citrus you need to learn how to grow a Yuzu tree.

Citrus Yuzu

What is yuzu fruit? Japanese yuzu tree?

Yuzu is a great kind of citrus fruit. It is the cross of two citrus fruits. One is orange and the other is Lemon from China. The yuzus are grown in Japan also known as the Japanese lemon tree. These fruits are rare because they are not grown everywhere. But now the yuzu is available all over the world.

Yuzu growing zone

The ripe yuzu fruit is yellow most of the time. It has the size of a lemon, which is usually best grown in zone 8 to 10. This citrus fruit contains a little amount of juice. Most of the yuzu fruit contains seeds and a membrane inside it. 

It has a tart taste and is highly fragrant. When you get fruit from the plant you will enjoy the taste and smell it produces where it is planted or grown. Interestingly this fruit is now getting famous among celebrities. They are now preferring it. Also, the chefs want it because of its great taste and smell.

This citrus fruit can be used in the preparation of sauces. It makes a great addition to it. Also, this fruit is commonly used with fish. It is also used in cakes and to flavor beverages. 

Why Grow Yuzu Citrus Tree?

how to grow yuzu

As a gardener, you know we welcome all species and types of plants. Some prefer one over another. But this is such a gift of mother nature that every gardener should try to avail themself. Moreover, this is the plant, which is easy to be taken care of, and it gives the results which we clearly want to get from any other plants in the garden.

Along with ease to be taken care of, it is like an aesthetic in the garden or in our indoor setting. It has a very good aroma, that’s why it is now preferred by many people involved in gardening. Also, the fruit of this citrus plant has a very good combination, when used with many other dishes and beverages.

Alongside its many uses, the fruit and leaves mean the whole plant adds great value to the garden setting. Another thing is that yuzu doesn’t grow huge. When fully mature its maximum height goes 6 feet or in some cases up to 12 feet max. But don’t look at it this way because this surely will put on a great show when it blooms and has fruit, it is like a delight for the eyes to watch.

Best Way How to Grow Yuzu Plant?

Grow Yuzu

As we know citrus fruits are grown using two methods. One method is growing from the seeds. When it is grown from the seeds after they germinate, and after some time passes the plant is grafted with another species of the citrus family. Then it goes for the bloom and fruiting.

The other method is simple. Get the plants that are already grafted. These plants would be a little more costly, but you can take them to avoid a long wait. Then plant these citruses and take adequate care of them. You will get the yuzus finally. Actually, it is true that citrus grows well after grafting and bears fruits earlier that also taste better. 

On the other hand, it takes a lot of time to produce fruit, when the citrus plant is grown from the seed and not grafted. Also, grafting helps in resistance to diseases. And grafting adds to the qualities and soundness of the fruit.

How To Grow Yuzu Plant From Seed

As mentioned earlier the yuzu can be grown from seeds. It just will take time and some effort from you to get that. But trust me, being a passionate gardener this way is preferred. You surely will learn a lot. 

Getting and Cleaning the Yuzu Seeds

How do you grow yuzu from seed?

Get the seeds of the yuzu plant and start sowing. These are available online, as well as you can get them from your trusted plant store. 

The other way to get the seeds is from the fruit itself. Yuzu fruit contains seeds as these are large in size. Clean the seeds after getting them, and check if any seed is broken, have rotted, etc. Wash them thoroughly and then dry them with a towel or cloth.

Soaking, Sowing, and Germination

Soak the seeds of the yuzu in the water, for at least 24 hours. It gives a better chance to germinate. After soaking the seeds, keep them on thick tissue paper or a towel. 

Soil Preparation 

After soaking is done, sow the seeds in the soil which has been prepared for this purpose.  Soil should be well-drained, and you can add mild fertilizers or a mixture of organically composed material. Moisten the soil before you sow the seeds. Sow the seeds at a distance of 4 to 5 inches. 

Make sure the upper layer of soil is loose while sowing the seeds.  Your pot or the place where seeds are sown should be in bright sunlight. When germination starts, keep watering the seedlings. You can add mild fertilizers if you feel any need for them.

Transplanting and Caring for the Yuzu Plant

Now prepare the soil for the transplanting of the yuzu plants. Make sure the soil is well-drained. When it is ready, transplant the plant to the soil and dip the plant in a hole that is 2 inches deep and 2 inches wide.  Gently press the soil around it and take care of the roots. They must not get damaged.

Water the yuzu regularly. As we know, citrus plants like a lot of water. Fertilize the yuzu tree when it is in a growing phase. Make a schedule of fertilizers. So, you should be able to add fertilizers in the bloom season.

Grafting of Yuzu Plant

Growing plants from grafting is surely the most fun activity but It also needs much care to be done effectively. When the plant is grown sufficiently you want to graft it to get the preferred fruit. Yuzus desires the same. You want to get eight to ten buds from some other yuzu tree. Then pick an area wherein to graft. It must be no more than eight to ten inches above the ground.

Make sure the buds are at least one year old. You have to make around a 1-inch cut withinside the bark and timber of the yuzu plant. Place the largest bud in it and cowl it with bark. Then cowl all of the region surrounding, together with bud with budding tape completely. This will preserve the minimal required moisture.

Remove the tape after 3 to 4 weeks. At this stage, the buds could have set up grafts. Repeat the identical system with all of the buds. Your grafting is done. You are good to go.

Taking Care of Yuzu lime tree

Yuzu plant care

Yuzus are no different from other plants that need care. These plants need little care to be taken off. Young trees of yuzu need to be free from any weeds or grass around them because it may damage the young plants. If you have any pets in the home, you need to take care of them as well.

Especially if you have rabbits and hares in the house take care of them. Because of the highly fragrant yuzu plants, they get attracted to them and they would certainly take some bites of the fruit and leaves of the yuzu plants.

As we know, all the citrus family needs bright sunlight, enough water, well-drained soil, and shelter from harsh winter and cold breezes. The same care is to be taken in terms of yuzus. Watering is important. If you don’t water especially in summer, you can lose the yuzu plant.

How long does it take to grow a yuzu tree?

When it is growing according to its own pace, it grows faster. Yuzu bears fruit after one to two years of planting.

Does yuzu tree have thorns?

It can be quite thorny. So, keep it that way. Also, pruning is important for the citrus trees, prune the yuzus to get them to fit into the garden or container where it has been planted. It is healthy for the yuzu to grow.

Pests and Diseases Of Yuzu Tree

Pests are limited when we talk about yuzu. You might find aphids or mites. One main problem is the thrips. These can cause problems for the plant, leaves, and fruit also. So, you need to get particular insecticides to keep pests and insects out of the reach.

Diseases are not so common. Just keep enough watering and sunlight for the plant. Pale leaves of the yuzu can show excess watering. So, when this happens keep the plant dry for a moment and check the moisture with your finger in the uppermost layer of the soil.

So, for a gardener, the yuzus are the true gift. The bloom and the fruit of this plant make them attractive and desired. Also, the smell these plants possess is marvelous. It is a true addition of value to your garden. 

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