Growing Bamboo In Containers For Privacy

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Are you living in a densely populated region and worried about your neighbors peeking into your backyard? Do you have a keen interest in gardening? Then you are at the perfect spot to get some dope advice on how and what to plant in your garden to keep your privacy.

I would suggest you select a bamboo plant to grow in containers for privacy. It is indeed the best option for you and you will never regret your decision. 

steps and guide to grow bamboo in pots only for privacy purpose

About Bamboo plant

The most famous bamboo plant is a community of woody plants, they are perennial plants and have the qualities of an evergreen plant.

This bamboo plant is a part of the family of grass,  called Poaceae. 

Bamboo types

We have 2 main types of bamboo

Running bamboo

This is best to grow if you are going for a garden planting option. It can be easily used as a privacy screen for your outdoor spaces.

Clumping bamboo for pot: 

Best to select for container gardening. They usually form dense clusters of bamboo canes. It can be used as a privacy screen for your indoor space.

Can We grow bamboo in pots for privacy?

Yes, it’s a great idea to grow bamboo in a container for privacy if you have space issues or if you want to give a different look to your garden. The Variety of Planting Bamboo in containers for privacy varies, some varieties are better to grow in containers while some are useful only to grow on the ground due to their tall height. 

Fun fact

And the amazing fact about planting bamboo in containers is that you can easily relocate them anywhere you want according to your needs. 

Some best varieties of bamboo for privacy

Here is the list of some most famous or best varieties of bamboo plants.

  • Fargesia rufa famous as the Sunset Glow variety 
  • Phyllostachys nigra fa, a Black bamboo variety 
  • Yellow groove bamboo variety also called Phyllostachys aureosulcata
  • Blue bamboo also famous as Bambusa chungii

Steps to start 

For planting bamboo for privacy in a container keep following the following steps

Choose a good variety of bamboo for the container

We have more than 100 types of bamboo plants in the market. But one thing you have to take great care of is selecting a perfect plant for planting in a container.

As we are going to plant bamboo for our privacy fence in a container then we should go for the smaller one. A smaller variety of bamboo plants is good to select for container gardening. 

Growing bamboo in pots for privacy

Selection of an appropriate container is now the other step after selecting your suitable variety of bamboo plants.

  • For growing bamboo large wooden pots or containers are suitable. The container should be strong enough to handle the strong bamboo roots container and should be about 18 to 21 inches deep.
  • Additional insulation is compulsory and the container should also have a proper drainage system. 
  • Try to use metal fodder trenches for your plant.

10 gallons is the smallest pot size if you are going to plant bamboo in a container. But a 30-gallon container is the ideal container to grow this strong bamboo plant.

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Maintaining the conditions

Bamboo requires deficient maintenance to grow but that maintenance is compulsory. Some important points are as follows

est soil for bamboo in pots

You must have heard that bamboos grow very fast and they grow huge. For this type of growth, this plant will require nutrient and organic-rich soil. Opt for loamy, low acidic, or neutral soil when growing in containers or pots.

Best Fertilizers for Bamboo in pot

Do little work to maintain your container. High nitrogen fertilizer is important to care for the stunted growth of your plant. It will work as a steady diet nutrient for your bamboo plant. The low-release bamboo fertilizer is the most recommended. Adding bones and sometimes fish blood also helps and works as fertilizer for your potted bamboo.


You should irrigate your bamboo plant regularly for the first year. Make sure that your plant will receive an excessive quantity of water. 

Sun exposure

This plant can grow in full or also in partial sun exposure. It requires almost 5-6 hours of direct sunlight to develop. Partial sun exposure is also favorable.

Best Bamboo plant for privacy to grow commonly

bamboo varieties to grow in container or pots

Here is the most famous or most suitable bamboo plant for privacy to grow in a container.

Sea breeze bamboo:

This sea breeze bamboo is the best selection for a fast privacy screen to grow in a container. It is also known as Bambusa Malingensis.

This plant can reach a maximum height of 34 to 35 feet tall in the ground. But when you provide them with a large and well-drained container and by maintaining all the specific conditions you will get a perfect height according to your need.

Multiplex Hedge Bamboo

This is another feasible option to grow in a container. This plant achieves a maximum height of 15 feet when you grow in open spaces as in the ground.

But when you grow this in a container it will attain a maximum height of 8 feet high. With ease, you can grow 5 to 16-foot tall privacy screens with this plant. It’s a dark pencil-typical type of thin plant. 


Some important benefits of this plant are as:

  • This is a versatile plant. Bamboo in a container for privacy has a small footprint.
  • Have the ability to work as a privacy screen
  • Have dense foliage
  • Growing in the pot is flexible, concerning placement. 
  • And the main thing is it will give a beautiful, fine look to the area where it is planted.
  • It has significant economic as well as cultural importance.
  • It’s a promising contender for afforestation.
  • Most amazing and pretty plant when grown properly.


Can we plant bamboo pots in the shade?

Absolutely yes, You can grow this bamboo for privacy in a container in a shady place. In fact, we have some special species of this bamboo plant that only grows in shady places.

How to take care of bamboo plants during winter?

During winter, the cold weather will damage the root system of this plant so try to shift the pot of this bamboo plant indoors during the season. Or try to wrap your pot with something heavy. It will also protect your plant container from cold.

What is the ideal time for a bamboo plant to grow in a pot?

Summer and spring are the best seasons for bamboo plants to grow in pots. Winter planting is also a choice but some special maintenance is necessary before planting this plant in winter.

Are bamboo plants evergreen plants?

Yes, most bamboo plants are evergreen and in fact, these bamboo plants are famous for being evergreen plants. But in some cases as in winter or some other seasonal changes, they shed their leaves and sometimes end up growing leaves.

Does our potted bamboo plant need feeding?

When you are growing bamboo in a container then yes this plant needs an additional feed. From March to October, this plant needs different additional feeds for growing properly.


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