Why Are Planters So Expensive

Once a gardener starts expanding, they always see the options for more and more space. The only quickest option they have got for the space is containers or planters. These planters can be placed in various places, and even can be hung. They can be used for multiple purposes as well.

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Thus when people go for the planters, they always come across many options. Most of the time they go for planters made of clay or mud. These are good to place. They are good at looking, and also have many other benefits.

You can say that these planters are selected based on their many qualities. It can be material, it can be size, it can be a look, it can be a style of the pot, it can be functional benefits like air movement in the pot, it can be drainage ability of the particular pot.

The same goes for the homestead. As many gardeners are moving to the next stage of homesteading, it is possible that you also might go for container homesteading, or go for the use of the planters.

When opting for these, most of the time the planters made of clay are chosen. There are many reasons for this, but mainly the ability of drainage, looks, size, and ability to place and move them easily. But these are expensive. You might wonder why are planters so expensive.

Why planters are so expensive?

People usually select planters based on many reasons. They first have to look at the places where they are going to place. Also, the plants they have to see, which they are going to plant. Moreover, there can be other reasons as well because a planter can be quite expensive.

Size and shape of the planter

The size of the planter is also an important component of the cost. It is because if the material is normal, the size is quite big for the planter the material will be used in greater quantity. When the size is big, the cost is big.

If there is a terrarium or a large planter that is being used for the particular tree or the plant to be planted, the size will be quite big. You might have to get the customized shaped planters. So for that, you would have to pay more than normal.

That’s why these planters are quite expensive.

The material of the planter


The material of the planters is the central and important part of the cost. Because it is the material that is converted, combined, and molded to the shape of the planter. It can be made of plastic, it can be made of clay, and it can be made of recycled material as well.

Even you might observe there are terrariums as well. These are made of glass. These are used to plant many decorative plants and even trees like bamboo. You would be able to see these planters in corporate settings and big houses as well.

The material can be any sort or any type. But the important is how it is going to fulfill the conditions and requirements which you have from the particular planter. Due to materials, the cost varies a lot. It will vary from plastic, and copper to clay. It can cost up to $1000 as well.

Cost of production of the planter

Besides material, the cost of the production of the particular planter can be a great reason for the planter being quite expensive. It is because you might see that a planter is made of a particular material. But the shape of the planter can take a lot of time if it is stylish, modern, and decorative.

And to make these stylish, modern, and decorative planters there can be a lot of time taken. The cost of labor to make it, and the cost of machinery used to make it can cost a lot. Also, some of the planters of different styles are imported. As these are produced and manufactured overseas, the costs can vary and can be relatively high compared to the home country.

Transportation of the planters

You might think that transportation costs are usually added to the normal total cost, and it is not a big part of the total cost. But this is not the case in terms of the planters. Planters are delicate and fragile.

Even made of any material you just can’t fill the container with the planters and go on. You need to arrange them, and then deliver them with care. Important is that you should realize that the transportation cost is big in terms of the planter. Sometimes a whole container is booked to deliver the planter safely and correctly.

So, that’s why planters are usually expensive. For example, if you have ordered one piece of the large planter you would see there will be a dedicated porter van that will deliver, it because it just can’t fit with others. 

Supply and demand of the planter

If you are familiar with basic economics, you already know the role of supply and demand in the determination of the price of a particular commodity. The same applies here. The supply and demand of the planters cause the price of the planter to rise.

The rise in the demand for particular planters can lead to a price raise. You might notice that if particular planters say planters made of clay are expensive, you would see that they are available in fewer quantities. As soon these are supplied, these are bought by the people.

So the less supply and the more demand cause the planter to be expensive. You can book in advance planters for your garden to make sure you get the planters on time for your garden or your homestead.

Quality of the planters

quality of planters

We have discussed many of the issues that are playing the main role in the high costs of the planters. Besides the size, shape, and material of the planter, one other thing also matters. And this component usually plays a very important role in planters being so expensive.

This main factor is the quality of the material and the quality of the work. This factor plays an important role because you will see two clay or plastic planters of the same size and shape but the prices of these will vary a lot.

If you would be able to consider and understand, you would observe that the difference is the quality of the material being used in the planter. If the material is good, the planter price will be high. Otherwise, it will be normal.

You might observe that some companies offer a whole range of planters, but at lower prices than others. If you will inquire from the people in the field of planters, you would be able to know that there is a matter of whether is quality at all.

In a nutshell, the planters are expensive. There can be a lot of reasons for that but the main reasons are the quality of the material, the material itself, the cost of production, the supply and demand of the planter, and the transportation of planters. If you want to grow healthy plants, you should not compromise on a planter.

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