Can Bamboo Grow in Terrarium

People have grown different types of trees in indoor settings using these techniques. These techniques are not only quite successful but also give a great sense of the natural environment in indoor settings. For that, we are going to discuss whether can bamboo grow in terrarium.

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Gardening is such a hobby, whenever someone gets into it they try to go above and beyond. It usually starts with small plants, veggies, and shrubs. Then people move to big trees like fruit trees, and others. Then even they try to get the gardening and plants inside the houses and corporate offices.

It is because the green color of nature is in the essence of humans. They always try to keep themselves connected to nature. Whenever they find a way, they get a plant or tree on the desk, or in the home or office. Actually, inside homes and offices mostly small shrubs and plants are preferred.

Some people like to plant bigger plants. These plants include decorative as well as fruit trees. You can go for anyone. But when grown in indoor settings these are grown in special settings, like in big vases, containers, or terrariums.

What is a terrarium?

You must have heard of the alternatives of the land. When people are involved in gardening they usually go for the spare land in the home or backyard. But if there is no land people opt for alternatives like vases, containers, and terrariums.

Terrariums are like vases. These are usually made of glass. Terrariums are made to accommodate large trees in indoor settings. These are made in a way that provides a land-like atmosphere to the plant. Usually, plants like small trees or bamboo are planted in them.

Types Of Terrarium

different types of terrariums

Terrariums are usually of two types.

  • Closed terrariums
  • open terrariums

Closed are used to plant small plants which require a specific environment to survive. As these are made of glass and have their own microenvironment they play a great role as decorative settings as well.

Not only that, if plants are big like bamboo they can accommodate them. You just need to fill the right amount of soil and other nutrients in the terrarium. You would be able to grow your bamboo plants easily. It is not difficult to plant bamboo in the terrarium.

Even there is a particular class of bamboo known as lucky bamboo, which is grown in terrariums in indoor settings.

Why Bamboo in the Terrariums?

In general, bamboo is considered a plant in outdoor settings. Because it grows tall and high. Also, it spreads a lot. So it should be planted in outdoor settings. But this is not the case. It can be planted in indoor settings or as a house plant as well.

It is liked because of its qualities. First of all, it is a rich green plant that gives a great sense of natural atmosphere and has thick and flat leaves. It gives elegant look. Because bamboo grows well in moist and warm conditions it is good to plant it in open terrariums.

As mentioned earlier, open terrariums are good for bigger plants like bamboo. You can opt for it easily. Also, you would be able to observe and take action if there is anything that is not optimal going on in the terrarium. In this way, it would be easy to take care of the bamboo in the terrarium.

Preparing the terrarium for Bamboo plant

As of now, you know that you can grow bamboo in the terrarium. Now you can easily fulfill your wish of planting such plants in indoor settings. For that, you need to prepare a proper terrarium, in which you are going to plant bamboo.

Designing the terrarium is not just setting a glass-made structure and filling it with organic matter and soil. It is a proper thing to do because you will need to set a base for the terrarium so that your bamboo plant is not always soaked in the water which will cause rot in the roots.

It is because the bamboo grows happily in the soil which is well in draining. And also the soil is kept moist. When done properly bamboo evolves with such greenery and thickness that gives stunning look to the environment.

How to prepare a terrarium for a bamboo plant?

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Preparing a terrarium for a bamboo plant is not so much havoc. You just need to follow the basic steps and you are good to go.

Choosing the container/ glass structure for a terrarium

You need to select the container or the glass structure carefully. Because if you are going for a lucky bamboo, then you can go with the medium one like 20 gallons or above the container. However, if you are going for the regular bamboo plant then choose the glass container or structure greater as much as possible.

Because then it will provide a good room for the bamboo plant. It will grow and prosper healthily in such a room with greenery and thick leaves. Also, this room will encourage it to grow and spread more.

Filling the terrarium with other required materials to grow Bamboo

Now it’s time to fill the terrarium with organic matter. It will provide the necessary nutrients to the bamboo plant roots. But first, add the layer of forest moss at the bottom of the terrarium. It will help in absorbing excess water as there is no drainage hole in the terrarium.

This absorption of water will help in avoiding the side effects in case of excess watering or over-fertilization. On the forest moss, you can now add the organic composted matter, which is quite commonly used and available for plants.

Now if you have access to charcoal, do add a layer of it. It is because as you are going to set the terrarium in an indoor setting it is required to keep the water clean. The charcoal presence will keep the water clean and also bugs and other insects away from the terrarium.

Now you can add a layer of sand, gravel, and other types of soils mixed with small smooth stones. Once the layer is set, add another layer of forest moss to it. It will keep the water at the optimal level. Then add the potting soil on top of it. You can add the potting soil to a specific area or a layer of potting soil.

Plating the Bamboo plant in the terrarium

As of now, you have prepared the terrarium for the bamboo. Now it’s time to plant it. For good results go for the young bamboo plants. You can propagate the offshoot or offcut of the existing plant. But it is good to go for a new young one.

If you are going for an offcut, you will need to slice it and keep it in the water until the roots start showing up. Then you can transplant the bamboo into the terrarium.

Carefully select the area in the terrarium where you are going to plant bamboo. As you have made the layer of sand, dig a small hole till it passes the upper layer of forest moss to the sand-mixed soil layer. Transplant the bamboo plant carefully in this hole. Make sure none of the roots gets damaged.

Also, make sure the roots of the bamboo plant are not touching any side of the terrarium. It is because if your terrarium is set in a way that it is exposed to the sunlight for a longer time, the roots of the bamboo plants will get burned.

Now you process of plantation of bamboo in the terrarium is complete. You can get yourself at ease.

Taking care of the bamboo plants in a terrarium

As it is a green plant, you are aware it will need a good amount of sunlight. Make sure that it gets plenty of sunlight so that it keeps thriving and growing.

You need to keep the soil of the bamboo plant in the terrarium moist. You can check the moisture with your finger from the upper layer of the soil. Avoid over-watering. It will cause water logging and roots to rot.

The bamboo plant doesn’t need many fertilizers. You will need a warm atmosphere for it. It will get fulfilled by the sunlight.

Other care includes looking for any symptoms related to pests and diseases. There are no such pests and diseases in bamboo plants. However, over-watering can cause the plant leaves to turn yellow. So, keep good care of them.

Also, take good care of the terrarium as well. As it is glass it is fragile in nature.

In short, the plantation and care of the bamboo plant are not so difficult. Yes, you need to work well in the start, because you have to go for the proper setting of the terrarium. Once settled you would just have to take minor care, and you would enjoy the bamboo plant in your indoor settings.

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