What to Plant with Strawberries in a Container?

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When planting fruits in the containers gardeners usually choose the strawberries. These plants are able to grow in pots and are easy to care for. The concern is what to plant with strawberries. To address that, we are going to discuss what to plant with strawberries in a container. 

Plant with Strawberries in a Container


Strawberries are a sweet, juicy fruit with a bright red color and a seed-studded surface. They are a popular fruit, enjoyed both fresh and in various dishes such as salads, desserts, smoothies, and baked goods. They are also rich in vitamins, antioxidants, and other nutrients, making them a healthy snack option.

The strawberries can be used in many shakes and juices as well. Its flavor is such delicious that it is liked by people of all ages. There are many benefits of growing strawberries. Here are some of the most common benefits.

Health benefits

Strawberries are a healthy and nutritious fruit, high in vitamins and antioxidants. These all vitamins and other nutrients keep the blood sugar and heart conditions in good shape.

Economic benefits

Growing strawberries can be a profitable endeavor, as they are in high demand and can be sold fresh, frozen, or processed into various food products. You can sell them in the local area and earn an extra penny.

Environmental benefits

Strawberry plants help to improve soil quality by adding organic matter, and they can also help to control weeds and conserve water. You can use it to benefit your container garden.


Strawberry plants are compact and can be grown in pots, hanging baskets, or even in a vertical garden, making them ideal for small gardens or urban environments. They don’t need much space like other fruit trees.


Strawberries can be grown in a variety of climates, from tropical to temperate, making them suitable for many different regions. However, it needs a good amount of sunlight to grow well.

Fun, learning, and enjoyment

Growing strawberries can be a fun and rewarding hobby, allowing you to enjoy the beauty of your own garden and the taste of fresh, ripe strawberries. If you are a beginner or an expert, you will definitely enjoy growing strawberries.

Companion planting

companion planting with Strawberries

Companion planting is the practice of growing several plant species next to one another for mutual benefit. This can be accomplished by enhancing soil fertility, encouraging plant development, and fending against diseases and pests.

Two examples of common companion plants are carrots and leeks, which can improve the flavor of carrots. Another is marigolds, which may help protect against pests like nematodes in the soil. One may say that these pants complement one another like plants. They do support each other’s healthy growth.


Companion planting has a variety of benefits. The created gardens follow this accepted practice. It enhances the garden’s value in addition to adding plants. These plants complement one another well. A few of the benefits are as follows:

Good yield

Companion planting can improve the growth and yields of various crops by providing shade, reducing competition for light, water, and nutrients, luring pollinators, or completely eliminating competition. The companion plants provide the other plants with a place to hide.

Decreased use of chemical insecticides

Companion planting can reduce the need for chemical pesticides because certain plants are inherently pest-resistant. Some plants act as a cover for others ones. They keep dangerous pests, birds, and other wildlife away from the plants.


Companion planting may increase biodiversity in the garden, creating a more balanced and dynamic environment. Each component of a plant depends on the others. All of the plants in the garden benefit from their creation of a safer and healthier ecosystem.

Improved Soil health

Companion plants can boost soil fertility while reducing erosion and improving water retention by integrating nitrogen and other nutrients into the soil. Some plants, like beans, release large amounts of nitrogen into the soil after absorbing it from the air.

No pests

Some plants have the ability to ward off pests, protect other plants from disease, or attract beneficial insects that can reduce pests. They also encourage cross-pollination by attracting bees and helpful insects. They also keep off hazardous insects.

In short, companion planting is a useful technique for organic gardening that can improve plant health and productivity while reducing the environmental damage caused by chemical pesticides. Since there are more plants and they are safer and healthier, the gardener gains.

What to plant with strawberries in a container?

Plant with Strawberries in a Container

There are many plants that can be planted as companion plants for strawberries. Here are some of the commonly planted plants, which are used as companion plants for strawberries.

Planting Spinach with Strawberries

Spinach is a very good companion plant for strawberries. It can be planted between the strawberry plants. It releases the chemical known as saponin, which improves the soil quality by keeping the bacteria and fungi away. This helps in the smooth and steady growth of strawberries.

Planting Garlic with Strawberries

Garlic is an important part of the kitchen and is used for medicinal purposes as well. It is also a very good companion plant for strawberries. These both complement each other, and the garlic keeps the birds and wild animals away from the strawberries being eaten.

Planting Thyme with Strawberries

Thyme is a very good and strong companion plant of strawberries. It is important to know that thyme will keep the weeds and pests away, as well as it will keep the moisture intact. The red creeping thyme also attracts pollinators as well, which ensures a good yield for the strawberry plants.

As it is also used in a kitchen, as well as for medicinal uses as well, so there is a win-win situation.  

Borage and Strawberry Plants

Borage is considered one of the best companion plants for strawberries. You can simply plant it in the containers along with your strawberries. It attracts pollinators which will pollinate the strawberries and will ensure a good yield. It also attracts pest predators which keeps the pests away from the strawberries.

Asparagus with Strawberry Plant

Asparagus and strawberries are good companion plants. Their growing pattern and root growth are completely different. In this way, they don’t hinder each other ways. Rather they complement each other.

Planting Peas with Strawberries

Peas are also a great choice for companion planting with strawberries. They help in improving the soil around them by having nitrogen-fixing bacteria. They create ideal soil for the strawberries so that they can grow well.

Onion Planting with Strawberries

Onions are great companion plants for strawberries. They are a very useful and important part of the kitchen. They have a very strong scent that keeps the pests and the birds away from the strawberries that keep the strawberries safe from eating. 

Lettuce Planting with Strawberries

Same as spinach, the leafy green lettuce act as same for strawberries. It makes the soil good for the growth of strawberries, and strawberries cover it with their leaves. It helps in avoiding the harsh weather conditions for the lettuce. 

Cautions while planting plants with strawberries

To maximize the use of the available area and to protect the safety and health of the plants while spending the least amount of money possible, companion planting should be done. The following is a list of some of the warnings:

Verify that the companion plants’ growth requirements, such as those for light, water, and soil, are being met. There shouldn’t be any contrast between them. Any plant might suffer damage from it.

Be mindful of the mature size and development trend of each plant to prevent overcrowding or resource competition. comparable to how taking up space might prevent one plant from growing where another should.

Since certain species might become invasive and take over the garden, choose your plants carefully and be prepared to remove any that prove to be a problem. Prune them periodically to keep them in shape and under control.

Keep in mind that a plant’s emissions may contain substances that inhibit the growth of other plants if any potential allopathic effects arise. The selected plants must work together harmoniously at all times.

Consider the seasonality of plants to make sure that their developmental cycles are complementary. While another plant may be in its bloom phase, another plant may not be in its dwarf phase. They could provide each other a competitive edge in that circumstance.

Remember that pesticides and other things that are toxic to one plant may also be damaging to companion plants when using any treatments in your garden.

In short, strawberries are one of the best plants to be planted in containers. It is because there are very good companion plants available in the market for them. They complement their growth and ensure a good yield. It makes sure you get a good amount of strawberry fruit.

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