How to Grow Red Potatoes in Container

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Growing potatoes in containers is certainly an entertaining activity. For this purpose, you need to find a variety that grows best in containers. Red potatoes can be a perfect potato variety to be grown in containers because of their small size and the ability to grow in both warm and cold climates. 

We shall be discussing in this article how to grow red potatoes in containers. So you need to stick around and line about every step involved in the process.

Red Potatoes

They are very common in the United States. These can be grown in all the areas of the States. These potatoes are also known as New potatoes. They are round and small to medium in size. They have smooth red skin and the flesh inside is white.

The texture of these potatoes is waxy, creamy, moist, and smooth. Because of that, these potatoes remain firm during the process of cooking. The taste of these potatoes is subtly sweet. There is mild sugar content in these potatoes.

Why Grow Red Potatoes?

Importance in Food Chain

First of all, this product of nature is grown in the world on a very large scale. It has many varieties, and it is grown according to weather conditions. But it doesn’t matter if you are rich or poor everyone eats potatoes in any shape or form.

Same as that, these potatoes fulfill the very basic nutrition of the body. You would be able to get fresh red potatoes from your own indoor spaces. They are included in many foods and salads to enjoy them and to get the essential nutrients.


Besides fulfilling the basic nutrition value required by the body, these potatoes can be grown in almost all parts of the United States. Also, these potatoes are grown in many other parts of the world very effectively. These are great sources of vitamin C. These potatoes can grow both in warm and cold conditions, with basic requirements being met.

Surprisingly, they are easy to grow in containers. Other potatoes like russet potatoes are larger, which may cause congestion in the pots. These red potatoes grow well in pots.

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Varieties of Red Potatoes

There are some varieties of potatoes like Yukon gold and fingerling potatoes that grow well in containers and indoor setups. Red potatoes are also one of them. these red potatoes have further varieties as well. You can consider these varieties while selecting this vegetable to plant.

Red Pontiac is one of the popular varieties. It is round and somehow oblong.

Red Gold red potatoes: these are having a reddish color skin, and golden flesh.

Red Ruby, very good red-colored potatoes that can be stored very easily. It matures early.

Red LaSoda and LaRouge, are early maturing red potatoes. These also have red skin, and these varieties are good for warmer areas where the cool season is short.

All Red, with having high production along with red color and slightly red flesh.

One other variety of red potatoes is Norland Red, which holds up very well when it is cooked.

These all varieties belong to one family of red potatoes. You can choose one and enjoy the red potatoes.

How to Grow Red Potatoes in Container

The common perception about potatoes is that they are grown in plain agricultural lands. But this is not fully true. Nowadays potatoes are successfully grown in containers. Red potatoes can also be grown in containers easily and effectively.

Getting the Seeds of Red Potatoes

First of all, you have to go for seeds. Try to get certified seeds so that germination of the seeds can be ensured.

You can select any variety of red potatoes but make sure the timing of the selection and getting the seeds is right. Because you would have to provide the potatoes seeds with some time to sprout. Otherwise, you would have to create the atmosphere for potatoes to sprout. These potatoes are sown in February after the frosting season.

Choose the potatoes which are smaller in size. Try to avoid the bigger ones, because these have fewer sprouting buds. If there are bigger potatoes cut them in a way that there are at least two sprouting buds on one piece. 

Sprouting of Red Potatoes Seed

Sprouting is the best technique to get the right seed at the right place. You have to keep these in a bright and warm space for 2 to 3 weeks. After those potatoes will start sprouting and you will be able to check which to plant and which are not to be planted.

Selection of Soil and Container for Red Potatoes

Select the soil which is rich in nutrients. Because the potatoes themselves are rich in nutrients they need good soil to grow. You have to add the organic compost to the soil. 

You can add any other chemical fertilizers like mixtures of ammonia or phosphorus to fulfill the requirements of nutrition.

For the selection of containers, you need to select the container which has a capacity of 15 to 20 gallons. You can use any half-cut drum, basket, or any other material from the store. Make sure there are holes for drainage purposes in the container because potatoes don’t like overwatering.

Make sure the pH of the soil is between 6 to 6.5. You can check by any means and take the correct measure to make it according to the requirement by adding limestone or gypsum. Also, keep the soil slightly moist before the sowing of red potatoes.

Planting the Red Potatoes

Now as the soil is ready, fill it in the container. You can put the container at the right place in advance, where the availability of sunlight is good like at least 4 to 5 hours a day. Or you have to go for the artificial lighting system.

Now you can sow the red potatoes. You have to sow the potatoes at a distance of 6 to 9 inches. Closer plantations will result in small potato products. Cover the sprouts with the soil.

You can cover the red potato sprouts in two ways. Now you can cover them fully, and make a hill on it, called hilling. Or you can add the soil as the plant grows. These potatoes need soil because they grow well in soil.

Taking Care

Care of the red potatoes is not so difficult. You have to just ensure the basic requirements. Then you are good to go.


Red potatoes need moisture, but no overwatering. Overwatering can damage the potatoes. You need to check the moisture first, and then add water to the plants


Potatoes need fertilizers to grow. They need fertilizers in the plantation season as well as in the final days. Keep adding the fertilizers in organic or chemical form like ammonia and phosphorus mixtures, so that the red potatoes keep growing steadily.

Sunlight Requirement

You have to keep the container in a sunny place because red potatoes need sunlight for 4 to 5 hours a day. Otherwise, go for artificial light usage.

Pests and Diseases

There are no specific pests and diseases for the red potatoes. You can count on the diseases which are common in the potato family. Aphids are one of the common pests. You can remove them with a sharp stream of water, or you can use pesticides to get rid of them.

Also, the leaves of the pant will give you the hint about the situation of the plant. You need to make sure of the nature of the disease and then treat it accordingly. 


You can harvest these potatoes after 90 days after the plantation. You will get the signal when plants start flowering. After that, you will be able to harvest them. Handle the process of harvesting with care because while tilling or digging you might hurt a potato that will not be able to be stored.

If you want a somehow larger and more mature product, you can wait 20 to 30 days more. Then you can harvest and store the potatoes

Just don’t wash the potatoes. Dry them in a shady place and store them in a cool and dark place. Red potatoes have a lot of uses in many dishes. These potatoes are also used as salad potatoes. These are famous for these characteristics.

In the end, you would be able to get the very best gift of nature. Potatoes are available easily as they are grown in abundance, but this whole process will give you pleasure and rewards in the shape of harvested potatoes

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