How To Plant Cherry Seeds From Store Bought Cherries

Cherries are fruit containing a thin outer covering and have a seed inside them. The cherry plant is a colorful plant having a lot of features. They are also famous as light snacks. But wait, don’t just throw the seeds out after eating them. We have got an idea for you. Let’s grow more cherries out of the seed.

This plant requires more space and especially your time for its growth and development. Once it is developed then you will be able to enjoy these light snacks or berries.

guide to grow the cherry plant from seeds of store bought cherry

Can we grow Cherry tree from seed?

Yes, cherry can be grown from its pit or seed. It is a pocket-friendly practice to grow cherries from a pit. It takes some time but you will find it worth it.

Hardiness zone for planting cherries

5-9  is the hardiness zone for this plant to grow. But hardiness zones vary greatly because it depends on the type of cherry that you are going to cultivate or plant.

Best season to grow cherries

They can grow any time in the year but from November and March, cherries can grow to the optimum level. It is the best season to enjoy growing this edible colourful plant

Size of cherry plant

The size of this plant varies according to the variety of the plant. Their size or height also depends on the pH of the soil. Under optimum pH, this plant will grow 35 to almost 40 feet tall.

Types of cherries plant

You have approximately more than 1000 types of cherries, but their cultivation varies according to area or place. Depending on the area or place we can only grow or cultivate a very limited variety of this plant. So here we go with some common types.

Sweet cherries

Prunus avium also called sweet cherries is the most widely famous variety of cherries in today’s world. These plants are also called self-sterile plants. 

These cherry plants require cross-pollination. For cross-pollination, you should plant this plant in groups. Two to three groups are enough for cross-pollination.

Sour cherries

Prunus cersus is the cherry’s other commonly growing variety that is also called sour cherry. This name is given because of the sour taste of these cherries. 

They are widely used in making jams or also for preservation purposes. Only self-fertile trees will provide you with these sour taste cherries. Sour cherries grow in different varieties according to zone or region.

Stella cherries

These Stella cherries are self-pollinated. This plant does not need any tree or other cherry plant for cross-pollination processes. This cherry variety is the most optimum option to grow in your homes or gardens. 

Its growth and development also depend on the zone or region, it gives a different variety of cherries depending on the zone.

How to plant cherry seeds from store-bought cherries

You can easily grow your cherry plant at home, requiring adequate time by only using the seed of the cherry that you bought from any local store. The only thing you have to do is to take care of some steps while planting your plant. These steps are as follows

Cherry Seed Germination

Take a seed of your cherries that is locally grown anywhere or you can also buy it from any store.

  • Soak the seed for a very little time. This will help the seed to loosen all the remaining fruit, sticking with the outer cover of the seeds.
  • Clean the seed
  • Place the seed or put it on the paper towel and allow your seed to stay for two weeks.
  • Dry the seed completely
  • Place it into a fully airtight container 
  • Then store the seed in the fridge and wait. Wait for 10 weeks 

Indoor planting

Now take out the seeds from the fridge and place them at room temperature before planting. 

  • Take well-drained soil.
  • You can plant this seed in a container as well as on ground soil.
  • Moisturize your soil by providing it with water.

Point to understand: if you are going to plant the cherries directly into the ground then there is no need to place seeds or pits into the refrigerator. Because ground soil will naturally go through the process of natural stratification. 

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Time to deliver

Once the seedlings appear, you can plant your seed. Warmed soil in early spring should be the priority for this plant to plant.

Time For Growth Of A Cherry Plant

The cherry plant is a slow-growing plant. It will take more time to grow. This plant will take almost 7 or sometimes 10 years to give a breed of fruits.

How long does it take in growing cherries from seed

Cherry trees will be organized approximately 3 years from seed and next year they will start carrying fruits. But after 7 to 8 years it will completely bear fruit and then so on.

You can harvest this plant by using trimming techniques. Shears are usually used to harvest this plant. Don’t attempt to pull the fruit with your hand 

Indication:  once the deep color, i.e deep red, deep green, or deep yellow golden, is dominant over your cherries it means that now your fruit is mature enough to harvest.

sowing a seed obtained from store bought cherry fruit

The cherry plant needs some special care

During the planting session, take great care of your plant by maintaining the conditions.

Water maintenance for growth from seed

Keep an eye on all spots and don’t let them dry. Water your plant to keep it moist.

Control weeds

You can place paper, mulch, or compost around your plant, it will protect your plant from weed attacks. It also provides a moist environment for your plant.

Plant with companion plants

Try to grow companion plants because companion plants are the best option to attract pollinators that are of great importance in the process of pollination.


Don’t forget to trim your plant, especially in late winter. Also, provide fertilizers to your plant.

Covering technique

You can also cover your plant with anything like a bird net. It will protect the plant and the fruit too.

Benefits of cherries

This plant has several important benefits.

  • This plant is used as an antioxidant.
  • This will help you keep away from aging
  • It also fights against different chronic diseases like cancer and diabetes.
  • cherries reduce the harm of gout attacks.
  • It will help you in taking a healthy nap and reduce different body pains.


How fast do cherries grow?

After 7 to 8 years, you will be able to get fruits for years. Planting cherries using the grafting technique will help plants in bearing fruit at a faster speed. From a mature plant, you can grow 30 to 45 quarts of cherry fruit in a single season.

Cherry Seed Germination in a paper towel

Soak the seed in warm water. Then spread the seed on the paper towel and allow them to dry for five to six days. Keep the paper towel in a sunny place.

Why do you have dry cherry seeds before planting?

Yes, one should dry the cherry seeds before planting. Because it will remove any moisture from the seed. We only need moist soil for growth but not a moist seed.

How to germinate cherry seeds fast?

Moist soil, dried seed, and proper watering will help to grow or germinate cherry seeds fast. 


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